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    What the heck is a “preferred walk-on”? How is he different from what I gather each school may have slightly different benefits for an athlete to walk-on, even preferred walk-ons. The number of preferred walk-ons has to be managed just like scholarship players.

    If you are interested in college football and I assume you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t, here is a link to one source of walk-on and preferred walk-on info:

    “Football is different from most other sports in that it has a roster size limit during part of the year. FBS football teams are limited to 105 participants between the start of fall camp and the first game or start of school (whichever comes first). These walk-ons have to come to campus early and the institution will be footing the bill for their housing and food during preseason practice, so it is important to distinguish who should come in early August and who should wait until school starts.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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