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    it never ceases to amaze me how much facilities really DON’T matter if you have good coaching. At least, they don’t matter as much. (Note: this has NOTHING to do with Coach Doeren and is simply a tip of the hat to Coach Cutcliffe)


    The new C-F design is subtle, yet very sharp. LRM-approved.

    Similar design to the Rose Bowl.


    Red endzones. Yay.

    I wonder how often WW has been described as ‘cozy’ or ‘intimate’.


    Why do they have a 2 lane cart path around the field?


    Will be interesting to see the impact of scheduling on Duke this year.

    2013 Duke was the perfect by-product of expansion’s scheduling imbalance — they didn’t play either FSU or Clemson in the regular season (and were royally destroyed by FSU in the ACCCG), beat two winless teams (UVa, State), and I think Miami was the only ACC team they played who ended up better than 7-5.


    It was so weird the time I went and watched State play at Duke. I kept having to remind myself, “This is a real game. This is a real game.”


    I have a friend of a friend who after graduating from an Ivy league school, moved to the Triangle for work. He and his family about 15 years ago decided to buy Duke season tickets (4 for $99) in the horseshoe. They really liked them (although they had zero pull for Duke over State or UNC…it was a money thing).

    He stopped getting them this year now that they are getting good. The quote is “They are getting decent. Too many people are showing up at the games. We have too many people sitting on our row.”

    That’s gold Jerry, GOLD!! – Kenny Bania

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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