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    I saw some news about an update being planned for the PNC…

    Most of it is boring, moving around some offices, adding a dining area, blah blah

    The south end of the arena, facing Carter-Finley Stadium, would be expanded to add a “rooftop experience” that would include a bar and dining area. The north end would have added storage space and hospitality rooms.

    That’s all fine, and I’m not against it, but it doesn’t really enhance my game day experience.

    We recently updated the display stack, so I doubt that’s part of the plan. That’s a shame, because if you’ve seen the intro video this year, it looks ridiculous. It’s stretched across multiple screens, and it makes our players look like giraffes.

    But there are other options…I hope this tech is on the wish list.

    I need that. So if you guys know anyone in the Centennial Authority, tell them pakfanistan needs on court graphics, so that they understand the seriousness of the situation. Installing such a system could bring in dozens of dollars just from my own personal spending.


    I’m sure the thought of such a massive ROI would be compelling.
    I’ll reach out and pass it along.


    Pretty cool stuff – oh yeah, that is what I do for a living. My company does the hardware and I brought in a guy that does the digital graphics. We were told thanks but no thanks as this would be very expensive. Oh well, maybe one day but the ROI is difficult to justify.


    Interesting…..and the “level of understanding” of the TOP COMMENTORS in the N&O article are, well, hilarious.

    As far as what may be done and who is calling the shots. Galeforce is not exactly what I would classify as “leading edge”. The Lenovo Champion’s club was “revamped”. In that they moved around tables and swapped spaces with the sofa’s. OK….My wife understands that.

    BUT, someone had the unique and clever idea….remove one of the TWO drink stations. Put in a stone wall and then a large LCD TV. BUT, the TV is like a large poster. It is probably 10 ft wide and 2 ft high. Don’t know about the Canes folk that come in there….but it is actually “billed” as a cozy atmosphere….cozy in that the LCD monitor (one on each side) has FAKE flames. It is an elevated fire place or faux pas FIRE. I guess you could use fake fish and folks would think it was an aquarium.

    BUT, from a practical standpoint….there are TWO buffet lines….one of each side. SO, they took out the Pizza side drink station….now there is always a line at the Hot Entre line….

    Folks asked nicely. Folks then complained nicely. Folks FINALLY got heard….so a Drink Station will be added back in.

    I hope that this example is NOT HOW this multi-million dollar expansion will be handled.

    Rumor on the street is that there is a low ball offer for the Canes… unknown to my lowly sources. And that is the ONLY offer on the table. Gale Force had to pull out all the stops to bring in “shows” last year to cover the lost revenue from POOR hockey attendance. And you think that WE have attendance issues…..

    The keyboard bangers that get paid for such are already writing pieces on how the new Canes Coach will have to struggle just even SAVE this season and that the handwriting is on the wall… playoff’s again….

    PK might just take the low ball $$ and run. It would be the Jim Goodnights and Jim Goodmon that invested heavily into the franchise to keep it afloat a few years ago that would be really hurt….maybe recoup 20 – 40% of their investment.


    To be clear, in my post above, my first sentence is merely a good-natured jovial retort to paki’s last sentence…

    Installing such a system could bring in dozens of dollars just from my own personal spending.

    Not a judgement one way or the other on the suitability of the product/system.

    Mike, just out of curiosity, how long has it been since such a proposal was tendered to the powers that be?


    A proposal was never given. Yes, it was going to be big bucks, and before numbers were even discussed they dissed the idea. They had done something like that for the all-star game as a one time deal, and they decided it was not worth the effort on an every day basis. I would say it was about 2 years ago. The digital content creator I brought in has won awards in NY and Boston for digital projection on buildings and other pixel mapping creations.

    Their point in rejection was that was cool but it was not going to sell tickets. Raising ticket prices and cutting down on the promos this year has not sold tickets either……….


    How about the expandable screen used in U2’s last tour? It could add a new level of excitement as it periodically stretches down to the middle of the floor causing players to have to maneuver around it.
    In case you aren’t a U2 fan or didn’t have the pleasure of attending one of their concerts on that tour, here’s a link:

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