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    There have been recent references to players that did not name the player directly and after reading several posts, I eventually figured out who that player was. Sometimes, though, the acronyms and nicknames can get confusing. So with that in mid, I am listing who is who (as far as I can reckon.)

    Beejay Anya – KH – King Hippo
    TJ Warren – Cuz – Buckets
    Tyler Lewis – WBS – Wee Baby Seamus – TyLew (I think coach calls him this)
    Anthony Barber – Cat
    Ralston Turner – BSW – Black Scott Wood
    Jordan Vandenburg – Vandwagon
    Lennard Freeman – Nard Dog, Frenchie
    Kyle Washington – ???
    Dez Lee – ???
    Staats Battle + Chase Cannon – #BattleCannon <– coolest combo name ever

    Anybody know of other acronyms/nicknames and got any to fill in my ???’s for DezLee and KWashington?


    Turner has been affectionately called “Chuck It” at times, though I’m hopeful by his recent play that he’s outgrowing that one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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