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    NC State Baseball hadn’t been scheduled to meet up with UNC in the 2014 season, as the teams rotate off of one another’s cross division schedules. But
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    Just to be clear, Rodon will not be pitching that game. Nor should you expect Jernigan or Stone to start. Those are the weekend starters and this is going to be treated as a mid-week game, unless something extraordinary changes.


    Yeah I bought my tickets yesterday. I think that was the first day they went on sale. I could be mistaken. When I went to the DB website all the good seats were taken. I find it hard to beleive they went that fast. I could only find two together in the outfield. I guess they are holding blocks for season ticket holders. I refused to check on the third base side.

    Go PACK 9!


    The tickets were on presale before Christmas for members of the WPC. That’s when I got mine. I was on the site as soon as they went on sale and not ten minutes later, the sections available (all of the first baseline seats) for the presale were sold out.


    I got my tickets during the presale also, probably within an hour of the email. Nothing left in the grandstands, so we’re front row down the RF line. I’m gonna wear Skye slap out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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