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    State has opened as a 17 point favorite at home against ODU.

    First, it is a shame that spread isn’t hight.

    Second, I think I like this one. I think things are going to click for us Saturday night. If I was in Vegas I would go long on the Wolfpack.


    I’m an ODU fan and I would go with the Pack all day long after seeing our defense play last Saturday.


    I’ve had this one circled on the calendar since the match-up has been announced. I work in Newport News, VA as an engineer. My boss is an ODU grad, our two senior engineers are ODU grads, and two of the three engineers* I share a cube block with are ODU grads. In defiance to the ODU majority, I have had, from day one in the cube, a full size State flag, each years respective football poster, and one of those white “Welcome to our State” posters SWPC gave out my senior year. On days that I am not desk ridden and go get dirty, I wear old free State shirts. I have a block S on my hardhat above my name. Suffice to say, I’ve made myself quite the target.

    I need things to click Saturday night.

    The trash talk has already started. They think they beat the spread. Given how we looked vs Ga Southern, they might.

    Good thing I have two and a half weeks of vacation saved up.

    *One of their degrees is Mechanical Engineering Technology, after two years I’m still not sure how that counts as an engineering degree to our company, but that’s a whole other matter.


    jrcox4…lmao..good luck. I still can’t believe the Ga Southern line was 20.5.


    We’d need to score on a special teams play to cover that. That’s asking a lot. We’ll win by 10-12 points, so I’ll have to take ODU to cover.


    Line down to 16. Damn it, I’m gonna have to screw up my perfect record by picking State next week.


    jrcox4, I posted this on another thread:

    About “the line” not making excuses for our play but just to point out the line may have been closer than it appears, We missed on 2 sure touchdown throws (open in the end zone) and dropped an easy interception. Also our LB was tackled from behind — clearly held — as he just missed the tackle on one of their long runs for TD. My point being the breaks of the game greatly contributed to the closeness of the score.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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