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    I knew I was pretty evil, but man…”Treachery?” That’s circle of hell #9, if not familiar with Dante’s work. I assume that choosing Walter White as my spirit animal dug me in pretty deep. But whatever, man. Team Walt, ad infinitum.

    Share yours, along with any other pieces of silly, whimsical fun. We will soldier through this long sports desert together, somehow.


    Violence (7th circle)

    Obviously, Tony Soprano did me in.
    And will there be FroYo in hell? Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.


    I got fraud…sounds about right; thanks Don Draper. The consequences: being split into pieces over and over. My significant other would love to only have to deal with about ¼ of me. Question is, which ¼; I can think of one area that cannot handle any reduction. There aint nothing silly about that, Jack.


    Just freakin’ great. Stuck forever in a mud mired canoe with a bunch of morons.


    ( Will pay for those bar encounters eternally.)


    Treachery is the verdict. I really don’t think any one answer put me there; I suspect it was a judgement call – just threw my picks out and said “I don’t care about his answers, he just looks like a #9”.

    Being frozen does make it tough to have any fun down there.


    Any survey that starts with “90s music” is automatically invalid. Then follow it up with picking a topping for something called “fro-yo” means that I don’t have a clue…and couldn’t possibly care less.

    Level #3 – Gluttony. (not a bad guess, but I have no idea how they figured it out)


    Dante sure seems like a sadistic SOB no?

    7th circle – violence. Being boiled in blood while being shot at with arrows from centaurs. Centaurs??? I guess if you’re toying with fantasy you might as well make it creative. If he were alive today, would Dante include endless viewing of Bravo in one of those circles? Undoubtedly.


    I only knew one of the 90’s songs (“Come as you Are”), at least by name. Out of curiosity I checked to see if the music of the 90’s of any other recent century was more to my liking. Turns out the 90’s are kind of dull in each of the last 4 centuries. A notable exception is Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” which debuted in 1791. I have been known to listen to the overture over and over. It maketh me happy.


    HAD NO FREAKING CLUE on lots of them and by just guessing I wound up in #7 Violence…. hmmm some poetic justice perhaps? Yep, could be. Let’s see, I got my CCW permit this year, for my 60th birthday in Feb. bought myself a Glock 17 WITH 3 magazines and glow in the dark sights and a ghost trigger (ultra fast shooting). For Christmas got an AR 15 with laser sight, reflex sight, and scope. Stop, drop and roll… jump up and kick some a$$. Let’s go boys, bring it on! LOL.

    Smarter than the average bear


    … can we get a do-over ???

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Welp… looks like i’m headed for Limbo, level 1. Clearly i’m not living my life right. Or it could just be because I never read those demon Harry Potter books.

    Furthermore, what the f–k is a froyo? Is that something I should know? What if I no longer have enough hair to grow a fro?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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