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    Just when we all needed to get our minds off the stinker that was State vs UVA, the NYPost.com drops a gem of an article on us. So, in his final days
    [See the full post at: NYPost.com Chimes in on UNC Athletes Illiteracy ]


    Although I am greatly enjoying the national exposure, I believe much of this is precursor to a giant shift away from “UNC the corrupt, win at all costs diploma factory” to “national crisis UNC as poster child for victimized university admins.”

    I’m too old, and too jaded to expect anything of substance to be laid at their feet.

    I should be happy with the demise of the “Carolina Way”. Been a good while since anybody had the balls to say that in my presence.

    But I’m not satisfied. I want them punished for the unprecedented wholesale disregard for the rules. Unlike most, I don’t want the banners to come down. I want them forced to modify the banners with a giant x-mark or enormous asterisk, forced to acknowledge these ill gotten gains, and have the athletic programs punished commensurate to the scale of their transgressions.

    At the end of the day, it’s not going to happen. But I’m still watching.


    1963, one misspelled word, an automatic D, two, and automatic F…Now that’s the English Department…

    I can’t remember if that carried over to the other departments, but probably very close.

    I remind my Tar Heel classmates at the same time and get blank stares…

    The continued avoidance of the issues at UnC by the NCAA, the UnC BOG, the NC State Board of Trustees, the Virginia Board of Regents, the Georgia Tech Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Cows in the Herds at remote NCSU research farms, the Governor of North Carolina, Dabo Swinney, makes me sick to my stomach.

    Deal with it, damn it!!!!

    And to hear that UnC baseball players have “hemmor ‘roids” is even more revolting!

    New Jersey, Chicago…you don’t have a corner on corruption and ignorance!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    This is all very sad. These past couple of days is when I stopped receiving joy from the demise at UNC. It’s heartbreaking. And UNC should be punished.


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    Michael Jordan’s diploma and recruiting letters up for auction:

    Cultural geography, hmmm


    I’m also still on the “nothing will happen to them” side, but very happy this has finally gone national. I do agree it will eventually spark a broader debate.


    I know one thing, Hairston would still be playing if his transgression had occurred any time in the past four decades. That doesn’t seem like much to outsiders but I know A dozen UNC grads -itching up a storm that he isn’t playing. What’s even more comical is that they blame State. They live in a bubble and any punishment feels a 1000 fold when compared to the average person. These articles cut very deep indeed.


    There was a key turning point when they started calling willing am a whistle blower.

    Alpha Wolf

    No worries, this will all be over by Friday.

    Seems like forever ago since I posted that the breaking news that the NCAA was investigating UNC. It’s been…years now. And they have yet to properly own up to what they’ve done. It’s like it’s all okay or something.

    BBQ Sauce

    This whole scandal reminds me of the days on the old ACC Boards when we discussed the absolute worthlessness of Jerry Stackhouse majoring in African American Studies. Most of us knew back then that it was just fluff.


    UNC has learned from other universities (eg Ohio St) that if you want to keep your highly acclaimed program, just continue playing, hire good coaches, and keep winning. Eventually the public will forget. Larry Montieth (NCSU) as we all know took a different approach when we were in hot water – we paid dearly for his decision


    NCSU88 – It appears Jordan took Fundamentals of Oral Communication in the fall of 1982. Let me guess, a UNC law student meets Michael for breakfast during happy hour at a bar and simply states “Never put anything in writing and you just got yourself another A.” I really love the class titles of the meat and potato courses required to round out a B A in geography. The same classes he would have taken his senior year if he had stayed four years. Map Interpretation, Special Projects, Special Studies, Topics in Geor. and Spec Topics/Media. Thanks so much UNC for shining such a negative light on the entire State of North Carolina and on a national stage as well. UNX mantra – Anything for a dollar and a win.


    His grade on these college essays? A perfect 5 out of 5, on each. They include the professor’s check marks of content approval, including twice-underlined praise as, “Interesting.”

    No sir, its spelt “intresteng”.

    Because of my own personal struggles with writing, I take extreme exception to this athlete’s grade. Nobody’s going to submit that garbage unless he KNOWS he’s getting an “A”.

    If only I had the ability to coherently express my ideas in an “Interesting” form…


    Roy is whining and crying about how unfair it is that one of his boys has been called out as not being able to read or write. Of course he denies it is true, but I find it ironic that he feels it to be unfair. The Carolina Way was/is an elaborate system designed to create an unfair advantage on the field/court by circumventing the rules adhered to by competitors. Such a system allows superior athletes to enroll at Carolina and “become” student-athletes w/o in some cases having achieved a 3rd grade reading level or in the case of Roy’s recruit, the ability to read or write at all. Roy, cheating is unfair. Getting caught cheating is not unfair. If you really didn’t want to risk the kid’s feelings getting hurt, then you should not have invited him into your scheme of fraud. Your victim approach to all this is disgusting. You don’t fool us.


    UNC is one of the few national collegiate brands in this country. People far and wide, who have only a passing interest in college basketball will root for UNC for whatever reason. Many even buy UNC swag.

    Hopefully this will at least take a bite of their national appeal and cause a drop in their sale of shirts, caps, etc.

    I think that’s about the only thing that is going to come out of these scandals.


    When this is all over, some Friday in the future, I would love to collect all of these articles and have them bound in a leather book. Any time I am unfortunate enough to encounter some mouth breathing Heel fan spouting nonsense, I could just hand them the book, and simply say that my response is contained within (operating under the assumption that they could read, of course).


    The Tarholes just dropped their third game …the good news is they can’t read about it.


    This really is frighteningly sad. “Unfair” my honky ass, Roy.


    At least we never have to worry about anything written on here being bulletin board material.


    The hits just keep on coming. Just when I think it has died down, another story gets published. And it’s so much the better that this is coming from out of state. The stench of this dung heap can’t be contained in Chapel Hill or even in North Carolina.


    Decades of corruption from UNCheat. How many ways can an institution cheat to provide a “winning” product? Will be interesting to see how long it takes before these glaring articles become exhibitA, exhibitB, etc. As long as the cheaters win and bring in revenue, it will continue to be overlooked by NCAA, and as long as the Swofties of the world rule the conference governing bodies, well, the cheaters will keep winning and bringing in revenue. It doesn’t take a grad from NCSU to figure this out…in fact, I think even a “student athlete” from UNCheat could come up with it, albeit he couldn’t write it down! That Post article is just sad…those “papers” looked like text msgs!!! The fact that they continue to get away with such corruption and fraud is disgusting…and their arrogance in spite of everything, makes me hate everything that is TARHOLE!!!!!


    I just hope that those that have been critical of the NCAA, such as Jay Bilas, will turn up their volume even more to expose the corruption that is the NCAA. Let’s face it, the NCAA pounds the football schools with harsh penalties but rarely hits their top basketball schools. If they penalize a school’s basketball team with harsh penalties its usually not one of the so called blue bloods. Bottom line is as long as the NCAA makes the millions it does on the basketball tournament it will look the other way if the North Carolinas, Kansas’, & Kentuckys of this world violate rules.

    This has been going for decades. Take a look at John Wall. I don’t even remember what the violations were after Wall went to Kentucky but I do remember that he only had to sit out 3 to 4 games at the beginning of the season. Contrast that to 1971 and the harsh punishment State got over the so called recruitment of David Thompson. The oh so serious violations were a few short minutes of participation by young assistant coach Biedenbach in a pick up game AFTER Thompson had signed with State. Maybe also a $7 tab that didnt get paid by Thompson for sleeping in one of the dorms across from Carmichael during the summer coach’s camps. These dreadful occurences resulted in an entire lost undefeated season in which State was prohibited from any tournaments. How does that match up with Wall only sitting out a few games? That was the appropriate punishment and one that should have been applied to the misdemeanors involving Thompson.

    The other influence of catering to one of the NCAA’s “preferred” programs is that both State and Duke ended up with some type of probation after Thompson’s recruitment was all over. It seems to me that revered Dean Smith was petulant about losing Thompson and seemingly pulled strings to punish the schools that dared to challenge Smith in recruiting Thompson.

    As much as Smith admirably cared about all of his players he also expected special treatment for UNC from the NCAA whether it was punishing the “ne’re do wells” who might have success over UNC in recruiting or whining about “too rough” play such as when Big East member Boston College beat the Heels in Richmond early in the NCAA tournament in the ’90’s. The Eagles pounded UNC inside and Smith moaned and groaned afterward about the rough play. Smith was used to the powder puff officiating he preferred in the ACC.

    They are more examples of this NCAA bias favoring the big time basketball schools and its time, in my opinion, to reorganize it without the political cronies who have influence over the NCAA or, even better, start a new association of collegiate athletics where the Swoffords and Smiths of this collegiate world dont have any influence.


    It is impossible to compare NCAA punishments today with their punishments of the past. The scale is grossly different by their own design.

    After the punishments of NC State and Louisville and few others in the early 1990s they realized that their punishment in many cases were too harsh and they chose to back off the severity.


    You are correct Key about different eras however there is still a bias to pound the non basketball schools all the while treading lightly on the royalty such as UNC , etc.

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