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    Interesting stuff here For those that are gearing up for the next wave of Star Wars mania over the next decade, and beyond!

    For a guy with only four lines of dialogue in the first two movies in which he appeared, the cult of Boba Fett is one of the more enduring parts of Star Wars fandom. Even when George Lucas attempted to over-serve fans by showing us the bounty hunter as a precocious little boy in the prequels, he failed to diminish the character’s unmistakeable cool. And while the endless rollout of Star Wars films/television/comic books/novels/video games/viral dream clouds/brain implants/whatever-comes-next we’re going to see now that the franchise is in the hands of Disney means that we’re all but certain to see a series of Boba Fett standalone adventures at some point before long, there’s one big question that has to be answered first: Namely, didn’t he die?

    In this teaser for one version of a Boba Fett movie that we’d like to see, from director/animator Eric Demeusy (whose work you’ve seen in the opening credits of Game of Thrones and the closing credits of Pacific Rim, among other places), that question is answered with a sharp “Nah.”

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