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    NIT has implemented some rule changes that maybe added to next season. The main one: Team fouls will reset to zero at the beginning of each half and with 9:59 to go in each half. By resetting the fouls in 10-minute segments, teams will no longer be awarded 1-and-1 bonus free throws. Instead, when a team commits four fouls — excluding administrative technical fouls — on the fifth foul and on every one after that, the opposing team will be rewarded with two free throws until the team-foul total resets at the end of the 10 minutes.

    Another one is resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds when the ball is inbounded in the frontcourt. All is in hopes of speeding up the game. And to add more possessions to help increase scoring.

    What yall think about the rules? I personally like it but it will change the game in the last minutes with the foul strategy that is the norm now by teams behind.


    I think its an interesting twist and look forward to seeing how it works. V started the whole ‘make ’em earn it at the foul line’ strategy and that’s been the status quo for almost 35 years now. Time for a face lift.


    Obviously, some people don’t have enough real work to do and have been just sitting around trying to think up some work to do….
    This is way overdone…

    Just do this…

    Eliminate the Bonus Free Throw
    Nonshooting fouls – Ball out of bounds to the team whose player was fouled
    Shooting fouls = 2 or 3 free throws depending on location of missed shot – 1 free throw on made basket
    Player gets five fouls == he’s gone…

    “They” want a faster game?? Who’s “They”???

    Takes two hours to play a basketball game…

    With the NIT – it will take a 1:45 — TV time is ordered in 30 minute blocks… so you still have to block out 2 hrs…
    What are we gonna get in the empty 15 minutes, more commercials, more DumbA$$ Dickie, more DORIS, more pregame, more postgame ???

    If they REALLY want to speed up the game…
    just give the Coaches 5 TOs per half – no carryover and eliminate the Under 16, Under 12, Under 8 and Under 4 TV Timeouts in each half …

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    just give the Coaches 5 TOs per half – no carryover and eliminate the Under 16, Under 12, Under 8 and Under 4 TV Timeouts in each half …

    Can’t do that. Ad $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Like you said, either way 2 hr blocks. The shorter the game the more ads they can squeeze in.


    ^Bullsh#t of all this exposed…

    Oh yeah… Eliminate the review booth and limit referee conferences to 30 seconds…

    Bad calls, missed calls, bad breaks are an intrinsic part of the game and of life… the search for perfection cheapens the quality of the game….

    Kids need to “learn how to play thru mistakes”.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Cheebus !!!! I think ya’ll hit the nail on the head! Never thought about it like most have suggested, its a ploy to ad more commercials which means more $$$. Not some way to shorten the game for the kids. Damn “They” !! They being the TV networks !! I hate this idea royally now.


    I liked what they did last year (30 second shot clock, booth reviews last 2 minutes), but this shit is just ridiculous. A solution in search of a problem.

    No need to make it even more NBA-ish, please. There’s a reason I don’t watch that merde.

    /yes, I’m a middle-aged white guy, why do you ask??


    A solution in search of a problem.

    A solution in search of a different problem to solve the real problem caused by there being more ads than actual game.


    there being more ads than actual game.

    Just for fun…

    40 minutes actual clock game time + 20 minute halftime == 60 minutes
    Two hour TV Time Block = 120 minutes

    Let’s add in “Dead Ball Time” during the Game equal to game time == 40 minutes
    and add that to Game Time && call that “Basketball Time” == 100 minutes

    That leaves 20 minutes “something else”….
    That’s 100/120 == 83% Basketball and 17% “Something Else”

    If the proposed rule changes effectively reduce “Basketball Time” by 10 minutes…
    That’s 10/17 == 59% increase in “something else”…

    Having fun yet ?? keep going…

    Let’s split that 59% Increase into 1/2 Ads and 1/2 BS…

    At a average of $10,000 a minute Ad Revenue Share for NCAA, Conferences && Schools…
    That’s a $50,000 per broadcasted game increase in Ad revenues times 200-300 games a year ==
    a minimum of $10,000,000 to $20,000,000 per year….

    Making money the easy way…
    by f#cking your customers….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    It’s more exciting at the end of the game to have the one and one for the chance for a comeback. Don’t lose the one and one, damn, seems so sterilized without it. They lost me when they lost the jump ball too. Hate the alternating possession crap. Completely bogus and can severely artificially hamper the outcome when it should be a dam jump ball. Because that’s the call, jump ball dammit, bring it back!! I also like the NBA rule of advancing the ball to the half court for a time out and a last second shot.


    If you really wanted to speed up the game limiting the time spent reviewing calls would be the most effective. However like most here I don’t see that as the aim of the rule proposals – simply more ad time so more $$$. I already have a policy of skipping most ads but I have found that oddly enough the ads during a basketball game almost always come at the same time as the ads for scripted TV shows. Guess I need a dvr so I can FF through any ads.


    Bill – Halftime might be “Basketball Time” for the players but it’s “something else” for the viewers.


    Forget the game clock, play to a number, i.e. 60. Keep the shot clock. Allow a team to take the ball out of bounds instead of shooting FTs – their choice. Although playing to a number would tend to cancel out the “put them on the line” strategy. After 10 team fouls, 1 and 1 (or out of bounds). After 13 team fouls, 3 to make 2 (or out of bounds).

    As Chain mentioned, V started that business, it’s ironic that it has come back to haunt State on many occasions.


    Plywood, I was reading these to my youngest son who is home from the midwest this weekend to pick up a car, he’s a NFL scout and says he plays in a rec league like that and what happens is when one team gets 29 (they play to 30) the other team starts flagrantly fouling to stay in the game longer.

    This is a non-contact sport so how about you lose a player when you hit a certain number of team fouls. In other words you can get back in the game by breaking the rules.

    …I know, wouldn’t work but an interesting thought that breaking the rules of the game have become how you play the game these days. Dr. Naismith would be so proud!


    How about eliminate the refs and let the players call their own fouls. That would be interesting to watch and fun to listen to the announcers try to explain what’s going on.


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    Correct me here me but Valvano’s tactics CAUSED the bonus to be introduced. It was 1 and 1 after a certain number of fouls but it stayed 1 and 1 thus INCREASING the probability of a team gaining by fouling.

    Somewhere el deano was behind that change.

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