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    Sept. 1st – James Madison Home
    Sept. 8th – Georgia State Home
    Sept. 15th – West Virginia Home
    Sept. 22nd – Marshall Away
    Sept. 29th – Virginia Home
    Oct. 6th – Boston College Home
    Oct. 20th – Clemson Away
    Oct. 27th – Syracuse Away
    Nov. 3rd – Florida State Home
    Nov. 8th (Thur.) Wake Forrest Home
    Nov. 17th – Louisville Away
    Nov. 24th – uncheats Away


    Well… this being the case…

    We ought to undefeated and bowl-eligible when we head to Death Valley on Oct 20th…
    And on the other hand… I’m sure some will moan and groan about there only being three decent home games next season….

    GO PACK!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    My how times have changed!

    We ought to undefeated and bowl-eligible when we head to Death Valley on Oct 20th…

    If it turns out that we are undefeated going down to Clemson, this ole boy will be ecstatic. I usually say some far-out sh!t but Bill, I think you out did me on this one. πŸ˜‰

    I’d say these home games are decent, not national headliners but decent.
    Sept. 1st – James Madison
    Sept. 15th – West Virginia
    Oct. 6th – Boston College
    Nov. 3rd – Florida State
    Nov. 8th (Thur.) Wake Forest


    botb I hope you are right about the bowl eligible part. West Virginia will probably be a tough game. Some ranking systems are putting them in the top 25.


    Yea,West Virginia gets their quarterback back and will be a tough game. Also, quite a few road games piled together at year end.


    4 home games in September and I’m sure all will be at high noon. Pass outs galore.


    I was told by an Okie State fan this year that everyone should make the trip to Morgantown to see a game as WVU fans are the nicest he’s ever been around on the road. Keep that in mind for the 2019 season.


    You heard this here first… Watch out for that James Madison team, yeah they are FCS BUT they also played for the championship this year and won it last year. That’s one tough bunch and they could easily catch us in the overlooking mode. That game scares me.

    Smarter than the average bear



    I was talking/typing fast and something came out of my mouth, BUT I didn’t SPIT in the faces of the more pessimistic WOLFPACK Fans’ faces… it was an accident….

    Yeah… WVA should be THE tough game…
    ‘Hoos and BC should be ‘competitive’…
    If Yogi says “JMU’ should not be underestimated… I ain’t gonna argue…

    All that being said… 6-0 headed to Death Valley is more than possible…
    After all, we are a FOOTBALL school… correct?

    GO PACK!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Agree with Yogi that JMU will be a very tough out.


    WFU has the same short week before our game in Raleigh and Clemmons has an open date before our game as we do-looks like even treatment from the league…


    We have 8 or so tough and/or competitive games. We are due a little luck. If we get it, we could win 9 or 10 regular season games. If not, then… oh, well. We should beat Georgia State. We could beat all the rest. We likely won’t and we likely won’t embarrass ourselves.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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