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    Unrelated, just heard on the radio NC State just received it’s largest ever donation. $50 million from the Park Foundation.

    I want my piece of that pie too.



    Great, let’s lance the idea of college sports games just before the new generation of consoles comes out. I was holding out hope that NCAA BB would find a niche to return in (I still play College Hoops 2K8 with an updated roster each year…arguably the second best basketball game behind the annual NBA 2K iterations), and NOW we lose football? It would be nice to see what these design houses could do after a little break to freshen themselves, much like I hope we’ll see from 2K after they finally bury their MLB IP. Even better was going to be seeing these games running on next gen hardware.

    I are sad.


    Two words are all that need to be said.

    Title nine.

    Players will not be paid according to their estimated contribution to the school due to title nine. Schools don’t have the funds to pay all athletes. So nobody gets paid.


    Just run with it ‘foose. Got nothin’ to add to what is probably the best take in here.

    I’m somewhat surprised that no one has taken up the other former player class action suit that came out last week. It involves a former Wolfpacker and teammate, and one I’m mulling over, myself.

    Google Dan Ahern, if you haven’t picked up on this one.


    The ACC slate is awful tomorrow. Some pretty good games nationally. At least it is betterr than last week. Here’s what I will be watching:

    Bama/Ole Miss
    Ohio State/Wiscy
    Notre Dame/Oklahoma


    UGA in a nail biter
    BAMA in an asswoopin
    WISCONSIN in an upset
    and a QUASIMODO bell – ringing of the Sooners. (I’d wish for worse but I don’t want homeland security contacted)


    Mista Wolf, you mean you’re not gonna join the lawsuit and get your $96? I’ve wondered how that works. Will the athletes have until a certain date to join and then they divide the $40 mil evenly among them (minus legal fees, etc.)? Will anyone try to make the case that they should get more money than others (someone from Alabama vs. Southwest Connecticut State for example)?


    It was an honor for me to be a very small part of the game. Unfortunately, something has changed the perception and outlook on life overall in a short period of time. It’s all about self entitlement now. Everyone feels their owed something. A free education and getting to play football for 2 extra years was more than I could ever ask for.


    Yup, we can just agree to disagree. It’s clear that we will never be able to convince one another of the opposite. Free country and all that!

    I am all for revising Title IX to address the issue of video game rights fees/outside endorsements and revenue sports. That may not be realistic, but it’s the best solution IMHO.


    ^^^ Couldn’t possibly agree any more than I do with what tjfoose said 3 comments back!!! Right on target.

    What I do not understand, and apparently never will, is when people look at situation like this one, they look at all of the different elements involved, they carefully weigh it all out in their minds, and then come up the fact that somewhere, somehow, something has gone awry and is now dreadfully wrong with the entire scheme of things. So then, after all of that reflection, what are those folk’s solution to this current plight, this money grubbing mess???

    Right in the midst of all of their whining and complaining about how out of balance, biased, and how bad things have become in collegiate athletics in general, they sit here and say, “Hell yeah!!! Stay the course, just keep on going!!! Let’s not even attempt to right the very obvious wrongs. Let’s simply concede the fact that college athletics have become corrupt and have been whored out to the highest bidder. Let’s all agree, let’s even go so far as to condone those simple and very obvious facts of the matter, let’s stay the course and keep it going just like it is. Let’s throw even more money into the mix, let’s add more likely avenues so that further corruption can really take hold!!! We’ll even let it sink even further down into the high school ranks and beyond. And hey, that’s our solution for this entire situation. That oughta fix everything, right?”

    I’m old, but whatever happened to the word, “broken”, being a precursor to the word, “fix?”

    Just to add, if some of these kids still feel it’s unfair and really do not want their likenesses on EA Sports or anything of the sort, then simply allow them to opt out when they into enter into the college ranks. So, when EA Sports made up their future rosters, instead of that player being listed, they would have a player with all of the same athletic skills, maybe make him look gray in complexion, give him a generic name like John Doe, or Joe Smith, and simply play the game as always without bothering that kid. Wouldn’t that work??? Ha!!! I wonder how many of these truly unfortunate and overly humble kids would sign on the dotted line if that option were to be made available to them???

    You can lawyer anything to death if you wish, but like the commercial says, “It’s not that complicated.”


    Was that Karl Hess on the EA Sports NCAA 2013 edition or a walking phallus?


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