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    4 things I am not worried about finding out:

    Is Jacoby a D1 QB? Yes
    Is the team well conditioned? Yes
    Does this team have character? Yes
    Will this team get better as underclassmen get experience? Yes

    3 things I am concerned about:

    Do we know if our OL is ‘Studly’?
    Are our LB’s up to ACC standards?
    Will our secondary jell?

    If I were an ODU coach or player, I would be worried that the Wolfpack defense is pissed off and wanted to take it out on ODU. More worried about that than the offense continuing to improve and we couldn’t stop ’em. And as Mr. DOG said, how much is the Pack going to keep under wraps?


    I know our OL ain’t studly. I am hoping for confident.

    Mostly agree with other points listed above. Brissett is definitely a vast improvement over what we had.


    I just hope our OL is at least sturdy, if not studly.


    Okay. How about this. Will the OL hopefully overachieve?


    Jigawatts’ statement about State having a severe lack of talent, I think, cuts to the chase as far as the “state” of Wolfpack football since CTC departed.

    No defense of Amato is intended, but since Tom O’Brien was hired as our HC, we have had little if any significant talent, with little hope on the horizon in my opinion.

    I really don’t have a strong opinion of Coach Doeren one way or another at this point, but as I head out to the stadium this afternoon, I’m not expecting much from us except that we should beat down a physically inferior team. Just how long it’ll take remains to be seen, but I look for it to be decided before halftime.

    Just watching Oklahoma run up a 31-0 lead at Tulsa makes me long for a return of real football at CF. I wonder how that would feel again? Not that we’ve ever on Oklahoma’s level, but I’m just wondering how it would feel to at least get back to the point of pounding the cupcakes again rather than struggling against almost every opponent we face.


    Yeah, chuckles had talent, it was just all DL and positionless “athletes.”

    Plus, they were pretty much uncoached because Amato.

    Also, I meant to say “competent” for OL. Forgive me all my typos, tis the day after foot surgery, and I is high.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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