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    Don’t know how I didn’t see this until today…but, it is worth sharing with the community. There is A LOT going on in Raleigh of which to be proud.
    [See the full post at: NC State University: A year in review]


    There’s a world of first class accomplishment occurring at North Carolina State University. Thank you for posting NC State University: A year in review.

    After watching “A year in review,’ at the end I clicked on highlights of NC State’s 35-7 ass-whipping of EweNC. Does anyone know of a rehab center that treats over-dosing on those highlights? I mean watching for an eye-opener first thing in the morning, a pick-me-up mid-morning and a couple of times with lunch, a quick view or two in the afternoon and a couple of times during dinner followed by an after dinner viewing is OK but this damn watch, watch, watch all day long has got to stop.


    Old friend of mine is a hole grad. His daughter is a Soph at State now. He told me when they were considering schools they went and visited both state and holeville. He was blown away by how much more responsive state was to questions and concerns and as much as he likes the holes, he wishes his alma mater could match up.
    Even told me recently he is pulling for the pack mostly as he is disgusted by what he sees in holeville.


    ^Got to win them over one at a time. I like it!


    Hearts and minds friend, hearts and minds!


    an excellent post … thanks!


    God bless that pile of bricks!


    We tend to obsess (at least I do) over Pack bball and fball.

    Thanks for a post reminding me about more important things going on in Raleigh.

    OG – RedTerrors

    This Institution is undoubtedly on the right track. Talk of hoping and wishing to be/do enough to get into NC State is common among my coworkers with college-applying kids…something I didn’t hear nearly as much when I was at that stage “only” 15 years ago.

    Even back when I applied at UNC and State, the environment and culture at NC State was so much more genuine and basically friendly, than it was at UNC (where ashamedly I had spent a lot of my youth, and all of my fandom, with 2 parents who worked there).

    Their culture of arrogance is completely permeating, and ultimately this will be a source for more problems than accolades…as we are all now well aware…

    We are bound to continue growing stronger and stronger…we constantly crank out highly prepared and well-paid alumni, who will gradually, but continually grow the institution’s influence in this state….it may take 50 years to reach equilibrium, but I think we will get there on this path.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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