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    I haven’t heard a confirmation on this yet, but this would be awesome! NC State and West Virginia will play a neutral site game at Madison Square Gard
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    D Wolf

    Just stay in Jersey. Hotel bill drops by 60%. Secaucus has some nice hotel options.


    I was a chaperone on an NHS trip to NYC. We took the train and had subway passes. Left ~6am and got to Penn Station (underneath MSG) at ~1:30. Great trip and avoided all of the hassels of either driving in NYC or flying.

    The train might not be economical for a family of four, but for one or two people it is a no-brainer (at least starting in central VA).


    I went to the UConn-State Jimmy V game at MSG in 2012 and had fun. I was surprised — as were some of the UConn fans around me — at how many State fans are in the NYC area. There’s a place right across the street — Jimmy’s maybe? — that is actually a NC theme sports bar.


    I took the train to NYC once and it was about 11 hour trip from Greensboro. Already being in Central VA makes a big difference as you aren’t very far from DC where the high speed rail begins. I don’t think I’ll travel that way again. I was travelling around New Years and thought the airports would be too big a hassle.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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