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    For all of your whining and complaining in recent years…the following isn’t too bad…especially when we play Florida State, Clemson, Louisville and
    [See the full post at: NC State future OOC Football Schedule]


    The WVU and MSU games are perfect for this program. The ECU games, not so much. It is definitely an improvement.


    1- so tier 2 or 3 schools WV and Miss St should pacify the fan base? Is this a Lee Fowler mindset? That’s how far you realize we have fallen….errr really have always been in the Tier 4 category. Tier 5 would be Dukes of the world.

    2- our best series mean nothing until we actually play them. They have been consistently been cancelled. Since the Ohio State and South Caroline games, no Tier 1 series. Still none on the radar.

    Not that I care (in an apathetic stage) just don’t agree with the assertion.



    West Virginia and Mississippi State are exactly the type of home-and-home series we need. It’s not a Lee Fowler mindset, it’s just reality. We’re lucky if we’re considered a Tier 4 team on this landscape. Name five Tier 1 teams that have played a home-and-home (or even a neutral site game) vs. a Tier 3 or 4 over the past decade. It doesn’t happen, because there’s no incentive for them. West Virginia is easily a Tier 2, and just happens to be playing Alabama in Atlanta to kickoff this season. Mississippi State is probably what we could hope to be in the SEC. Like it or not, the only Tier 1 teams coming to C-F anytime soon are probably Florida State and Clemson.


    We complained because we were NOT getting series like MSU and WVU. Assuming we actually do end up playing them, I will be quite pacified.

    I repeat – the criticism of our scheduling has absolutely been valid.


    With the new “BCS” OOC guidelines looming, it seems highly unlikely that a school would burn a game already on the books.

    Why should I care if there are no so called Tier I teams on slate? Beat some high ACC teams with a bit of regularity, first.

    Build it and they will come.


    I’m with Wulfpack on this. WVU and MSU are good OOC opponents for us. But there’s little to gain playing ECU.


    Even for those of us who don’t particularly like the new Legislature…it’s great from an NC State perspective that the Basnight machine is dead as a doornail. The power centers of the GOP majority are in Charlotte and Western NC.

    We have every opportunity to take our balls back, and tell the Pierats how far they can cram it up their collective asscrack.


    Things change from year to year, only with the old ball coach planted at SC for so long have they achieved a higher status than West Va. Before they were an SEC doormat and no better than Mississippi State.
    This is good improvement, and as much as I hate playing ECU if we have the program we should have I would love to watch us beat the crap out of them.


    For all of your whining and complaining in recent years…

    This site just never ceases to amaze me. Oh, but as I have read / been told dozens of times over the past few years: “Just remember, StateFans is not an individual but a collection of contributors…” blah blah blah.


    Good to see WVa and MSU on the horizon.


    Here’s the lineup:

    N.C. State’s future nonconference opponents:

    2015: Eastern Kentucky, Troy, at Old Dominion, at South Alabama

    2016: Notre Dame, Old Dominion, William & Mary, at East Carolina

    2017: Furman, Marshall, at Troy, at Notre Dame

    2018: James Madison, Georgia State, West Virginia, at Marshall

    2019: Western Carolina, East Carolina, Ball State at West Virginia

    2020: Mississippi State, Delaware

    2021: Furman, at Mississippi State

    2022: Charleston Southern, Notre Dame, at East Carolina

    2024: Western Carolina

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