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    3 William & Mary

    10 at East Carolina

    17 Old Dominion

    24 OPEN


    1 Wake Forest

    8 Notre Dame

    15 at Clemson

    22 at Louisville

    29 Boston College


    5 Florida State

    12 at Syracuse

    19 Miami

    25 at UNC

    This will be tough with all of the new pieces this year. A strong start is key with the tough stretch of the Irish, Tigers, and cards. We will be lucky to hit 6 wins. With exceptions of Clemson and UNx our toughest games are at home and you never know what will happen in the Carter.


    The games against ECU, Wake and BC are key if we are going to win 6 or 7 games. We should be able to start strong and hopefully build a little momentum, but this schedule is no joke. I saw where Clemson and FSU are in the top 10 in recruiting. Great.


    Super early bye is super freaking annoying.


    Good home schedule. Will be fun to watch. I see 6 or 7 wins.


    Syracuse, ECU, and UNC-CHeat. That’s the whole season. If we are worried about beating Wake and BC at home we should fold the program.


    Nov. 25 (@ UNC) is a Friday.


    Wow, when you see our schedule on paper its really is brutal. Our away games are gonna be tough under any circumstances. I just don’t see more than 4 or 5 wins tops next season. BC is no gimme as they had one of the best D in country this yr and return most. ECU is an unknown. Of note, UNC gets FSU as their cross over game. Still there is just no comparison to Coastal over Atlantic when it comes to overall strength. Looking forward to see how it unfolds with the new offense at Carter next year.


    Again, the UNC-State game is stuck at the end of the schedule, on a Friday no less, when the students are away on Thanksgiving break. Apparently this is the way it’ll be from now on. Never mind that state high school football playoffs are on Fridays during November. A televised local rivalry football game will have a negative impact on the NC high school football playoffs, even if it’s a day game. Have they said yet if it’ll be a day or night game? Hopefully, it’ll be at night and will be played in a sleet storm.

    The State-Carolina football rivalry is slipping away, thanks to the new and improved ACC. No longer will this game be played when it should be played- on a fine fall afternoon in mid-October, but now it has become an outdoor winter event, set aside and yanked around, apparently for the “greater good” of the league’s overall scheduling. It’s important, after all, that Wolfpack football be forced to play BC, Syracuse and Wake EVERY season, while Duke, GT, Miami and UVA remain a once-a-decade home event, and a State-Virginia Tech rivalry is never allowed to develop. How much longer will it be before the ACC pressures Wolfpack officials to quit playing the Heels every season in football? I have no doubt whatsoever that if this happens, our AD will cave.

    What NC State sports needs in an AD who will at least stand up to the league and television networks, for both our teams AND for our fans. Thanks partially to our AD’s public encouragement that our financial supporters, many without power, stay home and watch the Duke game on tv, the game went on as scheduled. The game was sold out, so NCSU officials didn’t give a damn if the ticket holders for this event could get there. With state DOT officials also telling us to stay home, I ate my tickets and sat home and watched, lucky that my power came back on just an hour before the game started. The Hurricanes at least offered a ticket exchange to their fans who couldn’t get there the night before. And for Pack fans with tickets? Tough. At the very least those 70 dollars down the drain ought to be credited toward my WPC standing, or perhaps redeemed for a baseball game this spring.

    As for the 2016 upcoming football schedule, the media’s low expectations will help Wolfpack officials to overlook this impending disaster. They’ll EXPECT not just a mediocre season, but a BAD one. They will overlook 2016 and instead focus on 2017. As long as we beat ODU, W&M, BC and Wake, this coaching staff will be back for a 5th season.

    It’s going to be another season of WUNY, starring the same sorry cast that has brought you 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    Will anything related to NCSU sports EVER change?


    Tough schedule. BJD, astute as ever, offers great point about crap scheduling of our bye. ECU will definitely be winnable bellweather – tough away game crowd, but they are breaking in new staff. Wake, BC and ‘Cuse are must-wins in conference. I agree with those that say we could be improved, but the record will not reflect it.

    Again, the UNC-State game is stuck at the end of the schedule, on a Friday no less, when the students are away on Thanksgiving break.

    As a counterpoint to 13OT, the last weekend of the college football season has traditionally been “Rivalry Week.” Think Michigan-tOSU, Alabama-Auburn, FSU-Florida, GT-Georgia, Clemson-SCar, etc. For many years, the Cheats “Rivalry Week” opponent was Duke for that stupid bell. This caused State fans to howl in protest that the Cheats true football rival was State, yet the State-Cheats rivalry was punished at the expense of the Duke-Cheats rivalry. Not only did the State-Cheats rivalry not get “Rivalry Week” scheduling, the game’s scheduling has been inconsistent from season to season. State couldn’t even get the ACC to acknowledge the rivalry with a regular date, i.e. Alabama-Tennessee’s Third Saturday in October or the Red River Rivalry during the Texas State Fair. That changed during TOB’s tenure (recall TOB’s non-support because he was opposed to playing a cross-division game immediately before the ACC Championship). IIRC, this change was due to Yow’s efforts in lobbying the ACC to move the game to promote the State-Cheats rivalry. The ACC did this, amazingly in opposition to the Cheats’ stated preference to play Duke during Rivalry Week.

    I would agree that Friday scheduling is never ideal, but note that other rivalry games make this work. Last year, two long-running rivalries, the Apple Cup (UW-Washington State) and the Civil War (Oregon-Oregon State), were both on Black Friday. TCU-Baylor, a former SWC rivalry re-developing in the new Big XII, was also on Black Friday. In the past, the Egg Bowl (Ole Miss – Miss. State) has been held on Black Friday. Before conference realignment killed it, Texas-Texas A&M was traditionally played on Black Friday.

    My preference would be to have the State-Cheats game get a designated week during the season, promoted like OU-Texas or Alabama-Tennessee. However, given the flexibility requirements of the expanded ACC and the almighty TV schedule, I seriously doubt the ACC would work with us on that. To boost the rivalry, the next best option is to have it during Rivalry Week – which the ACC has done. If the price of that is to hold the game on Black Friday sometimes, I guess I can accept that. It’s better than what we had prior – random scheduling that did nothing to promote the rivalry.



    The short week heading into the u*nc game, State is coming off the Miami game, the cheats, The Citadel.

    I can see big picture pros and cons.


    The opening game against W&M has been moved from Saturday to Thursday night, September 1. I like it!

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