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    WV Wolf

    Here are the stats and national rankings after the Wolfpack’s season opening win over the Men of Troy. Team Stats – ACC & National Rank in Parentheses
    [See the full post at: NC State Football By The Numbers – Post Men Of Troy Edition]


    A little surprising to see the low 3rd down offense percentage. Must be the end-of-the-game part where that stat went down.

    I also don’t see a category for “Hit So Hard Helmet Flew Off” Dravious Wright – 1

    I normally don’t join in the celebration of such things as kids are getting hurt, but that QB seems to have shaken it off well.


    A.J. Cole: 4 punts, 37.8 avg, long of 45, 2 inside 20yd line

    Jackson Maples: 7 KO, 65.0 avg, 6 touchbacks

    Considering the competition, these are two of the most useful stats.


    Yeah, the kickoffs looked good. Nice to see all the touchbacks.


    Red Zone Defense: 100.0% (9, 62)

    I have proven time and time again that I don’t diddly squat about statistics but how can our Red Zone Defense be 100.0%. Troy scored from the 3, which is in the RZ. Help me here, please.

    WV Wolf

    Troy was 1 for 1 scoring in the red zone. So our opponents red zone percentage is 100%. Might make more sense to list red zone defense at 0 but the NCAA lists it as 100.


    Thanks, WV Wolf. “How was your Red Zone defense?” We were 80% successful. They got in our RZ 5 times and scored 4 of the 5. “WTF?” 😉


    Thanks WV. I was very surprised to see that State leads the ACC and nation in both time of possession and fewest penalties. Good statistics to be at the top of the leaderboard. Those statistics don’t always have a direct correlation on the W-L record, but they aren’t too bad.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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