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    WV Wolf

    Here are the stats and national rankings after the come from behind victory against Georgia Southern Team Stats – ACC & National Rank in Parentheses O
    [See the full post at: NC State Football By The Numbers – Post Georgia Southern Edition]


    Not sure what the stats mean but some were notable. The much maligned OL allowed 1 sack and 1 tackle for loss and suffered very few penalties. Slight improvement over last year I’d say. Not noted in the stats the OL starters played EVERY snap. Those guys must have done some serious conditioning work since last season.

    Wil Baumann averaged 49.7 yds. for 3 punts and we allowed 4.o per return. That’s a 45.7 yard NET punt yardage. Not shabby. Charlie Twitty was a big part of the punt and kick coverage. I feel like a proud grandparent, having had the privilege of coaching Charlie’s dad and coaching with his grandfather. Not surprised at Charlie’s success. His dad was the best athlete I ever coached or ever saw at the youth level.


    One thing that sticks out to me is the lack of penalty yards. This team has to minimize the negative plays, both sacks and TFL as well as penalties. No holding calls, no personal fouls, no pass interference. That was a good sign from Saturday.


    Watch our red zone %. Last year, if memory serves correct it was one of the one in the college football. Not off to a great start but in 2nd half we had 3 TDs in 4 tries.


    All those stats are important but I look at the third down efficiency rate. You have to get off the field on defense and sustain drives (and score preferably) on offense. Look good on the offense side of things. Not so much on defense. That being said they made key plays at critical moments on defense.


    WVWolf: As always, I appreciate the numbers, and the time that you put into them. The ACC and national ranks help us comparatively understand how we’re doing.

    What would be very interesting would be to have last year’s “end of year” numbers at least with respect to ACC and national rank. While the absolute number may be different, the relevant number is important to track our improvement.

    It’s admittedly a bit early to draw much conclusion. We played a weak opponent and a team like Clemson played a strong one that skewed some of their numbers. In a few more weeks, we’ll know quite a bit more.

    Regardless, I saw some clear positives:
    – QB pass efficiency
    – Lack of sacks and TFL allowed by the OL
    – Lack of penalties: particularly impressive given our motion on offense
    – General lack of turnovers by our offense: last year we turned it over like it was our mission
    – Scoring defense relative to total defense: I’d argue all that matters is the points on the scoreboard. If you’re giving up fewer points relative to yardage, then that’s a very good thing.


    Shadrach…. not surprisingly was our best back, although Dayes also played well. We need to keep feeding Shad the ball at 7.3 YPC.

    Virginia Wolf

    Anyone know of any injuries on Saturday? Thanks!


    My shoulder is a little sore from hurling the remote across the room in the first half, but I should be ready to go by Saturday. Thanks for asking 🙂


    Heart palpitations have not sub-sided yet…but they should settle by Saturday.

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