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    Not a whole lot to add to the game. Go to any site that has the stats or box score. That speaks volumes….best performance of the year and a complete team effort (OK, Cat was not exactly at 100% efficiency). Where we had Cat’s deficit, Turner and Lacey turned it on for a combined 49 points….so that HELPED.

    Aside from how good we looked, especially, in the second half, the REAL story….or at least to me is the OTHER side of Lacey.

    If you did not catch the Radio Post Game show, then you missed the inaugural edition of “The Trevor Lacey Recap”. During the Post game interview, Gott was gushing about Trevor. He has made a few references before about Trevor being a “Coach on the Floor”. He said that again tonight, but added….during timeouts, Trevor was tell me and the staff WHAT we needed to do or to try.

    I thought….OK….maybe a bit of the glib and golden tongue of Gott. THEN, Tony and Gary had Trevor on. It was like listening to any of Gott’s assistants. His understanding of the game and what they (never said I) did to win was fascinating. He also gave you a player’s perspective. He said that they had a “lot of fun” during the first half and that the Coach settled them down (maybe Lutz…specifically) and they were much better in the second half.

    Tony was talking about some of the junk defenses that the team was using. Tony commented that he had not seen those in practice. Trevor said that they were some “improvisation” that he and the guys sort of “came up with” during the game. Did you comprehend that? Remember when HWWNBSOHA was asked WHY he did not make defense changes or use some “junk” and he said….”We never practiced that…”. Tonight, we used some junk and it worked.

    I have listened to WP BB since the early 70’s. USUALLY on the radio. I remember Sidney Lowe (V’s coach on the floor) talking after the games or being interviewed for TV specials. Sidney was SHARP….and I mean SHARP at recognizing what was going on. I NEVER, EVER heard him summarize a game as concisely as Trevor did tonight. Tony and Gary just shut up….they just let him talk and occasionally threw in a comment or a question. Time finally caught us and they closed it out.

    It was unbelievable. I have heard a lot of coaches talk about their team’s efforts and the reason for their loss or win. This guy was as good as at least half of them.

    Trevor also said that he was “still rusty” from sitting out a year and was improving each game. I hope that every game is a bit better…..and we wondered where TJ’s firepower would come from??? Tonight we found out.

    GO PACK….on to T-Day and then Boise State on Friday…

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