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    2014-15 @PackMensBball team ???????? #NewUniforms— Shantel Jordan (@_ShantelJordan) September 15, 2014
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    I like them. I do wish they would have had STATE instead of NC STATE on the front. At least they’re not black.


    Are we wearing hand-me-downs now?

    Louisville Goodwill


    There’s look better without the big collar


    Great to be talking basketball. Formal practise starts in a month, I believe.


    Oh my….horrible. the black trim directly on the red…you know what? Nevermind, many of you will love them and that’s great. A four year old could put together a better jersey and our red again looks maroon (see the Russell Wilson era jerseys).


    Actually, the pix are do dark that I really can’t tell whether I like them.

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    Look pretty sharp. The university has intentionally abandoned the “STATE” labeling and is insisting on using the “NC” at all times. The red does look dark, but that is probably just the lighting. NC State red is Pantone Red 186, and I’m sure thats probably what it is.


    Wow, almost 1-to-1 ratio of coaching staff to players.


    Wow, almost 1-to-1 ratio of coaching staff to players.

    That was my thought as well. When did the number of suits match the number of jerseys? 40 years ago, the team photo had 5 people wearing a red sport coat. Now, 13 wearing a suit.


    Ho hum. BFD

    The suits on managers are pretentious. And what’s with the coaches? Frank McGuire look a likes?

    Why NC State does not opt for white on noon football games in September baffles me. Not fair? Who cares?

    When can we start football threads again? February?

    john of sparta

    “Now, 13 wearing a suit.”
    any of them lawyers?


    Don’t really like the uniforms but they could be worse.

    I recognize the equipment manager wearing a suit. Prob the team physician too. Guess that’s all the staff?


    Individual team management.
    I am on board with the neckties.

    Basketball is the last bastion of necktie sport.


    “I am on board with the neckties.”

    Mr. DOG, I gotta a necktie. Store it in the freezer to keep it from spoiling.


    Hilarious! Must be the middle of the week, not enough to talk about.

    1) People getting bothered by the fact that the non-players want to look their best for the team photo shoot, and they think that wearing suits is the way to do it. Those team photos will be around forever, I appreciate them wanting to look their best.
    2) Others concerned by the number of staff in the picture. I suspect that they’ve always been part of the team (give or take a person or two). And someone thinks that being part of the team photo is an honor, so want to reward all the contributors by being in the photo shoot. I think that is a great idea.


    The student managers are wearing suits and ties to attend to their duties during the games that is somewhat pretentious IMNSHO. To seem rather than to be? During a TO it looks like a cast of thousands standing around the team. Hey! Back up. Give those boys some air.

    I admit to being an old fart who remembers The Old Grey Fox wearing a (of course) grey suit. Don’t remember what the assistant coach wore but the managers wore polo shirts and khaki pants. Might have been 2 assistants but Coach Case would have had to bring out the girls in the Wolfpack Club office to get the group up to 13.

    Times have changed but I’m draggin’ ass keepin’ up.


    greywolf: I don’t see it as pretentious at all. I think it is the exact opposite. It is the coach demanding excellence and professionalism from top to bottom. This is the Wooden way. It looks to me like we’re running a tight ship and paying attention to the little things.

    That’s a far cry better than the days of SL when we had players standing on tip toes during the team picture. They weren’t taking that any more seriously than they were practice, games, etc..

    I also think it is good that everyone involved in the team is included in the picture. If that is as many “suits” as players, then so be it. The reality is that it takes a lot more than the head coach, players and a couple of assistants to make these things go. Including everyone in the picture builds camaraderie and a culture where everyone’s contributions are appreciated.



    I can get most of what you say and wouldn’t argue it especially if Gott is demanding the suits. I’d have guessed demanding managers wear suits was more about looking good or professional than actually being more professional. We’ll never know so I’ll go with your interpretation. I’m from a different era I guess, one where wearing a suit didn’t equate to excellence and professionalism.

    I think you missed the point I was making about having to bring in the girls from the Wolfpack Club to get the numbers up to 13. I was just pointing out the difference in the numbers in the old days and now. I wasn’t even saying it was better then, just different. The results were better, however, for Coach Case if winning a national championship qualifies as better.

    I don’t remember what the managers wore in Jimmy V’s day, do you? I know Coach V wore a sport coat, not a suit.

    Like I said, times have changed but I’m draggin’ ass keepin’ up. Probably too old to teach new tricks.


    Really makes no difference on the uniforms if they are in jail. What the hell is wrong with kids that get EVERYTHING and can’t take responsibility for their mistakes. The News and Abuse reports that Trevor was arrested for not showing up in court. How hard is this … you get a ticket, you pay it or go to court. You can’t ignore it … unless you are a UNcheat player. Come on guys, don’t start looking/acting like those *ssholes down the road… y’all have more class than that!

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