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    Do they have the dirt to get’er done this weekend? This, from my POV will tell me everything about this 2016 club.


    ^Absolutely agree. I will watch this weekend, with the intent of setting expectations for the rest of the post season. A national seed is there for the taking, so no reason to hold back. After last weekend, the boys need to take deep breaths, then decide what they want this season to be.

    Must win the series, and a sweep, although unlikely, would be glorious.

    ‘Dog or Wuf: if we drop the series but take 1 game, are the the blue f*cks ranked high enough to keep the RPI in national seed territory? Can’t find national seeding methodology online, so not sure what else (other than RPI) is used. I’m assuming it’s like basketball, i.e., it’s essentially a committee decision with nebulous guidance.

    Hopefully the team will make this discussion mute.

    Go Pack!


    The short answer is “no”. Carolina’s RPI is good, but not good enough to keep us from falling if we don’t win the series.

    But our real problem as far as a national seed right now isn’t our RPI. The eye test is our problem, and will continue to be if we don’t win the Carolina series. A series loss to them would be three straight series lost. We’ve already dropped into the mid-teens in all the polls and are pretty much fighting to hang on to hosting a regional. If we want a national seed at this point, we probably need to win (if not sweep) the Carolina series, and make it to ACCT Sunday.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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