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    It’s been far too quiet around these parts the past few weeks regarding the 2014 NC State Baseball team. Last year’s College World Series run was a lot of fun and this year’s team is getting some well-deserved attention.

    (apologies to Dr. Badgerpack if I am pre-empting his annual baseball preview, this is just sharing info from one or two sources and we would still greatly value your thoughts on the ACC – Virginia looks really tough -and of course on this year’s Pack 9)

    Pre-season #5 ranking by Baseball America
    “Getting over the hump to Omaha for the first time in 45 years was a huge step for N.C. State in 2013. Led by the nation’s best pitcher and best position player, N.C. State has a chance to break another long streak in 2014: the ACC’s six-decade national championship drought.”

    Only team with 2 First-team Pre-season All-Americans
    “Fifth-ranked North Carolina State is the only team to land multiple players on the first team, as shortstop Trea Turner and lefthander Carlos Rodon both earn first-team preseason honors for the second consecutive year.”

    ESPN is expanding their NCAA Baseball coverage (111 ACC games on either ESPNU or ESPN3) including NC State appearing in *2 of the 4 ACC Monday games on ESPNU and 31 total Wolfpack games being broadcast.
    2/22/14 – NC State home vs. Appalachian State (1 PM, ESPN3)
    2/26/14 – NC State home vs. Davidson (1 PM, ESPN3)
    3/5/14 – NC State home vs. NC A&T (3 PM, ESPN3)
    3/7/14 – NC State home vs. Notre Dame (3 PM, ESPN3)
    3/8/14 – NC State home vs. Notre Dame (4 PM, ESPN3)
    3/9/14 – NC State home vs. Notre Dame (1 PM, ESPN3)
    3/15/14 – NC State at Florida State (6 PM, ESPN3)
    3/16/14 – NC State at Florida State (6 PM, ESPN3)
    3/17/14 – NC State at Florida State (1 PM, ESPN3)
    3/28/14 – NC State home vs Miami (6 PM, ESPN3)
    3/29/14 – NC State home vs Miami (6 PM, ESPN3)
    3/30/14 – NC State home vs Miami (1 PM, ESPN3)
    4/2/14 – NC State home vs East Carolina (6PM, ESPN3)
    4/6/14 – NC State at Clemson (3 PM, ESPNU)
    *4/7/14 – NC State at Clemson (7PM, ESPNU ACC Monday)
    4/19/14 – NC State home vs. Boston College (6:30 PM, ESPN3)
    4/22/14 – NC State home vs. Campbell (6 PM, ESPN3)
    4/23/14 – NC State home vs. UNC-Wilmington (6 PM, ESPN3)
    4/20/14 – NC State home vs. Boston College (1 PM, ESPN3)
    4/25/14 – NC State home vs. Georgia Tech (6:30 PM, ESPN3)
    4/27/14 – NC State home vs. Georgia Tech (1 PM, ESPN3)
    5/2/14 – NC State home vs. Coastal Carolina (6:30 PM, ESPN3)
    5/3/14 – NC State home vs. Coastal Carolina (6:30 PM, ESPN3)
    5/4/14 – NC State home vs. Coastal Carolina (1 PM, ESPN3)
    5/7/14 – NC State home vs. Richmond (6 PM, ESPN3)
    5/9/14 – NC State home vs. Wake Forest (6:30 PM, ESPN3)
    5/10/14 – NC State home vs. Wake Forest (6:30 PM, ESPN3)
    *5/12/14 – NC State home vs. Wake Forest (6 PM, ESPNU ACC Monday)
    5/15/14 – NC State at Virginia Tech (5:30 PM, ESPN3)
    5/16/14 – NC State at Virginia Tech (5:30 PM, ESPN3)
    5/17/14 – NC State at Virginia Tech (1 PM, ESPN3)

    First game is one week from tomorrow (2/14/14 at UC Santa Barbara). Go Pack!


    Elvis ..good boy. But because DBP has been tied up…Ya need to tip an aside cap to Wuf, who carried the folks thru last years run.

    I have begun my last season’s sojourn with my daughter’s NCAA exploits, and fully expect someone to help me keep up with the stuff I miss outta the Doak.

    Carry on.


    Wuf definitely carried the torch for nearly all of 2013, no disrespect intended by not mentioning. Great job last year Wuf. I saw in another thread that he said something about leaving the desert soon and heading back east. I do hope he returns in time to continue to fan the flame of supporting the best NC State athletic team in the past 25 years.

    I always do my best to nudge Dr. BP this time of year to ask for his insight on the ACC and any dirt on the Pack. I’m a big State baseball fan but far removed from any inside knowledge of how the young players are developing and what the feeling in the clubhouse is regarding rotation, bullpen and position battles. State baseball deserves all the attention it can get, this season could turn out to be very special.

    When does your final caravan fire up for the sojourn swan song? Hopefully you’ll find yourself within range of an Eskimo Hut drive-thru daiquiri shop somewhere along your travels.


    No cap tips required or desired. I did it the past couple yers (and will again this year as time allows) because I love it.

    I won’t likely be local again by the time the home sched kicks off with Appy, but possibly by the time the Irish roll into town to kick off the conference doings.

    A look at UCSB and Elon should be up by this time next week regardless, unless I get murdered.


    Ok… there’s something screwy going on with the posts… some showing up, some not. Does statefansnation has some kind of block/ban on providing a link to the gogoraleigh website that maintains google calenders for NC State basketball and football?

    Those calendars can be integrated with various calender apps.


    My post that appears to be blocked referenced those calenders, provided a link, asked if anyone knows of something comparable for baseball, and finished with the below:

    Seems to me such calendars should be provided by Annabelle and her bunch, and prominently displayed and advertised on A simple task, practically cost free, to COMMUNICATE and dispense schedules of all NC State sports. Her title is “Assistant AD/Communications”, after all.

    But, why expect her to step out of character now.

    Maybe there is something official out there like that, maintained and managed by NC State. But if there is, I’m unaware of it.


    Found this

    Weak and shabby, but something.


    Season opening game scheduled for Friday 2/14 at UC-Santa Barbara has been canceled. Today’s weather canceled the flight that was going to take the Pack 9 out to Cali. No word on if the team can find other arrangements to get out west by the weekend.

    If *NC’s 3-game series scheduled for 2/14, 2/15 and 2/16 vs. College of Charleston gets canceled this weekend due to weather, perhaps the ACC will look to right the wrong of excluding the State/Holes series this year?

    In a perfect world……NC State cancels their 3-game home series with Coastal Carolina, currently scheduled for 5/2, 5/3 and 5/4 and reschedules with *NC to play a 3-game set that weekend. (*NC currently has that weekend open as their off week for the season). State gives the travel budget NOT used to fly to LA this weekend to Coastal Carolina as a gesture of “sorry man, no hard feelings” and encourages them to play mini-golf on the west coast and order off the “secret menu” at In-n-Out in early May.

    You’re welcome America.


    Was about to put on the big final day push to get my VERY unfinished UCSB preview churned out and posted by thurs night/fri morn. Now I don’t gotta. I suppose we’ll play the rest of the weekend by ear, but I wouldn’t put money on any of those games happening.

    Sometimes procrastination pays off.

    Oh, and it’s mid 80s and sunny here for the foreseeable future so I can now put my new found extra time to good use this weekend. 😉

    Speaking of weather, looks like a rather nice warm up for Elon and then the Appy series at home next weekend.


    Entire UCSB series officially on ice, pun intended.

    Avent and Co. are still looking to score game(s) in town for the weekend though.


    Pack9 will host Canisius for 3 games this weekend, Saturday thru Monday, start times still TBD.


    Catholic Buffalo boys in town.

    Ha…wish I could catch’um…but, if my kid get’s ’em in, someone else has to give the Griffa just a tiny bit’o love.!


    Good work by the staff to scramble and pull together a series on short notice. Season opener finally here!

    Wuf, not expecting a last-minute preview for the matchup with the Golden Griffins (seriously, I hope their mascot is a gilded Peter Griffin) but appreciate the updates. Looking forward to another great season.


    ^ We’ll see how industrious I get later today, but right now the odds say…nunh uh.


    Saturday’s game vs Canisius is cancelled.

    As of now….1pm Sunday, with Cincy/Elon to follow at 4:30pm. Monday yet TBD.

    Free admission for whatever games do get played.

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