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    You have to remember, lots and lots of schools had the chance to hire Gregg Marshall (he was a serial interviewer)…and passed. It wasn’t just us.

    Word in coaching circles is that he was/is an excellent coach, but also a huge narcissist/asshole, that does not play well with others. He might really need to be somewhere like Wichita State, where he can be the unquestioned king of the athletics department. A very small, docile media market is also a good fit. Shit, look at how Ol’ Roy took leaving the fluffy KS media market.


    Maybe coaching staff needs to take a new approach during the before game talk…why do our guys always look so spastic and jittery at the start of every game…throwing up bricks and hurried/forced shots? They seem to always need a “calm-down” TO before things start clicking, and by then many points down!!


    They were a 12 point favorite according to yesterday’s Observer. We lost by 14, and now people are upset that we didn’t win on the road at their place (after all we’ve won how many there in the last 30 years)?!

    It was a swing game. They move up, and we move down. We at least had a chance to take a step forward but it wasn’t to be. Mad? Heck no. Expected it as a matter of fact. Like clockwork. Samme ‘ole same ‘ole? You betcha.

Viewing 3 posts - 251 through 253 (of 253 total)
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