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    It pains me to watch the gutless teams that Gott fields. Teams that have guts down the stretch (i.e., hit free throws), are at least in part, an extension of the coach.

    The body language of Dez, Cat and Lacy was: “don’t miss this”.

    Some players are clutch enough to hit shots even without the effect of a special coach, but apparently not those 3. I feel like the Martin twins might turn out to be the toughest guys we’ve had in the program in a while….which now I think of it, Marcus Melvin is the last name to come to mind that…he always seemed to play better in clutch moments. Atsur a little bit too.


    @44rules re: persecution of the Coptics… not too much different from what some people are taking from the North Carolina legislature… just on a bigger scale… perhaps…

    deosn’t matter when or where you are…. except on Coach GOTT’s ballgame…
    My way or the highway… never really works…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The FT shooting almost did us in. We have a bunch of 3/4 weapons and figuring out who to play from night to night will be critical.

    You can already see that Abu is fourth in line for minutes among the bigs and Caleb will dominate the minutes off the bench for the smalls. Lee is going to do a lot of watching from the pine. Nights where Abu and Lee play significant minutes will be when Gott is searching or when we have foul trouble.


    USF is a better squad than I expected, or at least they were tonite.
    Having said that, we were still able, even on an off night (which was mostly due to not handling USF’s zone well) to mostly keep them at arm’s length when we had to, until it came time to close them out at crunch time. Nothing new there…FTs and situational end of game moments have been adventurous for a while, to say the least.

    Can only hope they’ll learn something from it. Especially about how to attack a zone, and some end of game poise. I have little expectation that FTs specifically will improve a great deal, however. We are who we are there.

    But at least it was a W.

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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