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    lmao pup, i love the internet.


    I watched the game with my mom at the nursing home. She was sitting there in her wheel chair coaching the team. Ugly win but a win. Saw some good, a lot of bad and once again a team that fights to the end.


    81-80. I don’t even want to know the details. A W is a W! Moving day, couldn’t have watched anyway. Go Pack.


    More about Mom gettin’ it on, T57!


    Way back to the charge call on Hunt, I’d like to hear from others with more experience coaching/reffing/playing… C’Dog?

    Here are the NCAA guidelines re: legal guarding position, they clearly state that that the primary defensive player can move to stay in front of the dribbler, and does NOT have to have both feet on the floor.

    Art. 6. To maintain a legal guarding position after the initial position has been
    , the guard:
    a. Is not required to continue having the torso face the opponent;
    b. Cannot have either foot out of bounds;
    c. May raise the hands or may jump within his own vertical plane;
    d. May shift to maintain guarding position in the path of the dribbler, provided that the guard does not charge into the dribbler or otherwise
    cause contact;
    e. May move laterally or obliquely to maintain position provided such a move is not toward the opponent when contact occurs;
    f. Is not required to have the feet on the playing court when shifting in the path of the dribbler or when moving laterally or obliquely;
    g. May turn or duck to absorb shock when contact by the dribbler is imminent. In such a case, the dribbler shall not be absolved from the responsibility of contact.


    Gritty win, lot of mistakes but they play really hard. Loved Cat Barber today, seemed like renewed confidence. Hope Gott gives him the love for a really solid game.


    Absolutely HAPPY with the win! Cat played much better today. Better effort.

    I guess it’s just me but a last second shot in OT against $&@:$ GT is not impressive. We lost a huge lead AGAIN and our offense sucks period…Still I’m happy we won because hopefully it will bring some change. Anyone who thinks we were improved today is crazy. CAT did well but as a team we were Lucky to win. Oh well A lucky win is still a Win.

    We needed that one…bad


    Gott was full of piss & vinegar today! We could hear his voice directing traffic for the full 45 minutes. I’m proud of the win, but I still wonder what is/isn’t being communicated at half time which has us playing so incompetently in minutes 21-30.


    Ply…I think we got away with one on the charge call. I say that because of where it happened.

    Rarely can a big guy slide to the upper,outside of the paint and have contact like that, and come away clean.

    My reaction in the TV room was…”We got one!”


    But! Anya’s torso was squared.


    ^Tough call – I think there’s merit in calling that one player control. Georges-Hunt put his head and shoulder down and barreled into him.

    I may have gone with no call and travelling. Georges-Hunt initiated all of the contact and never attacked toward the rim, clearly trying to get a call. He did 🙂


    It was certainly a call that could have gone either way. We typically seem to be on the losing end on those. In that situation, with the hot player in his building, you would expect it to go against us. We have been jobbed so many times it hurts, but we dodged a bullet today. Could have easily gone the other way without a gripe.


    Just watched the game. Not sure if this was addressed, but WTF on having Turner in late game situations covering Georges-Hunt? Why not Cat or Des or one of the Martins or Lacey?

Viewing 13 posts - 251 through 263 (of 263 total)
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