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    This is as “The Carolina Way” as it gets. Let’s all marvel at the brilliance of The Flagship’s PR Machine self-reporting additional violations, in ord
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    OK, I’m confused.

    How can violations in WBB related to something already directly referenced by the NCAA in the NOA be “self-reported”?


    I think the ncaa will punish Roy by disallowing retirement. Does anyone think they can successfully take down the ncaa? Seems a bit delusional on their part.


    I saw in their press release a reference to the “Carolina culture”. I am sure that I have not seen or heard that before. I cannot express my inability to understand the concete the use of this expression conveys.


    The Carolina Way, a 12 Step process
    Example: 18 years of academic fraud
    Step 1: “Bury the Whistleblower”
    Step 2: “Spend $1M to hire PR spinmasters”
    Step 3: “Conduct obligatory Internal Review Lite 1”
    Step 4: “Ease out unaccountable AD into early retirement with full benefits, move Chancellor back to professor”
    Step 5: “Stall, obfuscate, stall, see if news reporters can figure it out”
    Step 6: “hire friendly investigator, who sees no need to really interview anyone”
    Step 7: “Trot out head coaches to earnestly claim they had no idea…”
    Step 8: “Bury Whistleblower #2: player who took the courses…well he’s crazy”
    Step 9: “Just to keep him around, extend the head basketball coaches contract”
    Step 10: “keep those pesky reporters happy with real investigation”
    Step 11: “interpret results yourself, take 89 days of NCAA 90 day response period, come up with a new delay to get thru football and basketball season, keep the BS flowing to the recruits”
    Step 12: “throw Hall-of Fame women’s basketball coach under the bus, get her set for early retirement, problem solved!”


    Besides the fact that they’re cheaters and their trying to delay sanctions, I’m not convinced at all that their basketball team is anywhere close to being good enough to win a national championship. I don’t see us being swept by UNC-Cheat this year. Honestly, I would expect to see college basketball go in the same direction it has been going in. More Duke-Kentucky taking the 8 best freshman to the Final Four. That’s just how he game is now. Basketball is UNC’s biggest asset, they’re proving they will do anything to protect it. The sad thing is that the NCAA has allowed a precedent to be set where recruits don’t care about these things. As long as ESPN is willing to televise all 30 UNC games the money flows and the recruits play a year or two and leave.


    Oh how convenient, more violations on MEN’S soccer and WOMEN’s BB. Is anyone surprised other sports were spared? Clearly there would be no incentive for additional academic misconduct in the revenue sports (e.g. Football and Men’s BB). Yeah, men’s soccer and women’s BB is where we should focus our attention.


    So reporting additional violations resets the clock for responding to the NCAA’s notice of allegations and delays any penalties. Does this mean they can just continue to report additional violations and indefinitely delay the response and whatever punishment may be forthcoming?


    Heard some interesting insight this week regarding some of these ‘additional violations’. And, some it absolutely has to do with violations with the basketball program over the last couple of years. Not nearly as ‘institutionalized cheating and fraud’ like they’ve done for 30 years; more along the lines of recruiting violations that are classic Carolina Way where they just don’t think the rules apply to them.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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