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    Boom! More changes inside of the NC State Football program as Jason Veltkamp is dismissed. (Link) "Thunder Dan" Burnette assumes leadership
    [See the full post at: More staff changes as Thunder Dan takes over S&C]


    I am a huge dantonio fan, but I don’t care about his player stats as a player. (Again, it’s not that I don’t appreciate him, I just think it’s irrelevant for a coach.)

    There is definitely a purge going on – glad dantonio survived and I hope he improves our strength and conditioning. He played under 2 different ones I think and probably coached under tob’s.

    Interesting to see whom we hire and that other thing (which isn’t so interesting, you feel bad for the impacted parties on a personal level. These guys have families and I hope for the best for all of them, who by all indications represented the pack with class.)

    Wolfman 9806

    With a head coaching change likely coming after next season, changes with the assistants is hard to get excited about.


    Anyone else wondering if Dave Huxtable is barricaded in at home with the phone off the hook and the lights turned off?
    I keed, I keed.
    And as choppack1 has alluded to above, let us not forget that these guys are human beings who have represented the Pack well. Remember this?


    Reminds one of how Jim Caldwell managed to escape the great midseason bloodletting in Detroit.


    I have a long time good friend who has been an assistant football coach for 25 yrs. I’ve seen the stress and pressure of the job both on and off the field on a personal level. We fished together this weekend as he finally had much needed time to get away as the season ended with a loss in their bowl game too. Its always interesting to get his take on goings on in college football, but I also take advice from Lynyrd Skynyrd when we are together: Don’t ask me about my business, And I won’t tell you goodbye/ If you want to talk fishin’ Well, I guess that’ll be okay.

    He was at UNC during the Bunting years, then at Clemson with Bowden, joined Maryland with Edsall but got out of that ticking time bomb to join Narduzzi when he was hired at Pitt last year. Most assistants don’t get paid to be fired like the head coaches, they scramble to find another job. Charlie Weis being paid almost 25 million to NOT coach football was a topic we laughed at and shook our heads about. Also about TOB still cashing in from firing at State while slumming it in a million dollar ocean front home in Charleston. Point is most assistants don’t get the credit deserved when team has success but become the scape goat when a head coach fails. He told me a story that showed the short lived joy of the job. My friend is the running back/kick off team coach. His last season at Maryland, when they were down 6 with less than a minute to go, Coach Edsall told him to tell return man take a knee to save time. When it was kicked, the player ran it out for a touch down to win the game. Edsall was irate at him for the call, even thought they won, and to the point it was the start of the end of his time there.

    Don’t get my point wrong, my friend loves his job. A job that even though only has security from season to season has allowed him to provide for his family well. And a job that never stops. He phone was never off, from calls from Narduzzi to calling a potential recruit between cast. A job that affects his family greatly with each move or firing. Moving, new house, new school, new friends, new town. Don’t get me wrong, they know its part of the business, only good as your next season or recruiting class, but it makes me see things different. I agree we need changes with football staff. I just don’t get as excited as some to see headlines when it happens.


    Thanks for sharing, BassPacker.



    One MINOR correction. TOB signed away ALL of his “Future Payments” when AD Yow “negotiated” his departure. He opted to go to work immediately for the Wahoo’s of UVA fame. The ONLY way…..release NCSU from it’s contractural obligation.

    Debbie was smiling all the way to the bank. SO, TOB got to coach for two years and we did not pay him one red centivo past his last day on the clock.

    Coaching byouts are a breed of their own. Make sure that you read the fine print. MOST of the buyouts are between the Coach and their Dearly Departed University. The purchasing (I hired him away from you) Universities can NOT (legally or Obama style) circumvent the Contract. SO, if the U of Powerhouse State, hires Larry Fedora of UNC fame, then Larry will, if he negotiates properly, get his BuyOut as a signing bonus. BUT, then Uncle Sam is salivating. Larry has to pay the taxes on the BuyOut….like it was a bonus or ordinary income. SO, when Coach D came here, Debbie gave him a signing bonus. That paid off NIU and they were appreciative. However, (memory), he also paid about $350K in additional TAXES that year.

    Some kaniving folks THINK that the “ButOut” can be written off as a Legitimate Business Deduction….so it is a WASH. Think again. The Uncle gets HIS $$.

    Many of the Larger Power 5 conferences will reimburse Super Star coaches with a “Income Neutral” deal. The LOI says….we, Powerhouse U, will pay Larry F’s BuyOut and also the tax consequences. It will be a “zero cash flow net gain” to The Hat.


    With a head coaching change likely coming after next season, changes with the assistants is hard to get excited about.

    barring a complete disaster (2-3 wins) Debbie aint firing DD after 4 seasons. I think she knows that she is probably not going to be making any more revenue sport hirings so she probably will ride him out.

    Her contract runs through 2019. She turns 66 this year and would be pushing 70 if she finished her contract. No way in hell I see her going the distance. I could easily seeing Woodson letting her retire early and honor the contract while a new AD (Gary Stokan, has that ship sailed?) makes a decision on both coaches. Seems to be the less messy way out of this dumpster fire.

    Just looked up Stokan is in his mid 60’s. Damn we blew that chance with him.

    john of sparta

    +1 for Wolfpack92 above.
    “No way in hell I see her going the distance”.


    Roo, you are correct about TOB. We should have not included him in the conversation with BUnting, Davis and Weis. All were fired is why I mentioned TOB. And in most instances when a head coach is fired, he usally chooses to hit the beach or broadcast booth while he collects the remainder of his contract from their former employer. Which would have been the case for TOB had he not taken job at UVA. And my understanding that when that happens, usually only the difference in old salary at new job is paid to compensate contract.
    I was referring to when a head coach gets fired, not moves on to another school as was in case of DD or Larry F. Then a buyout is neg to the coach and school. When its a firing, as you pointed out, unless the coach takes an immediate job, the university is obligated to pay his contract money as was the case with Davis and Weis. The assistant coaches like my friend are usually given no more than a dismissal paper.


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