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    1) Most importantly, I don’t believe there’s any scenario where we finish lower than 9th. That’s crucial, for the ACCT to be “possibly interesting.” A Wednesday game means you abandon all hope. At least we aren’t going there. 7th or 8th is our most likely seed. I don’t believe anything higher than 7th is possible (which is good).

    2) One more win likely cements a home game in the NIT. Two more, and likely two home games. These will be in Reynolds, and likely pretty fun/interesting. Not ideal, but better than things looked after Saturday by a long shot.

    3) Buckets will get my prized ACC POY vote. Anybody who votes for someone other than Buckets or Paige should be summarily executed.


    Buckets gets mine, too. As you said in the thread, it is amazing when he actually misses. He is incredible.

    Future looks bright if some of our young guns can play like that consistently. Cat and Freeman were each huge for us.

    We’ll get an NIT home game at Reynolds.


    ND’s regular season is over…they’re stuck on Wed.
    WF sits at 5-11 and hosts Duke on Wed. WF can’t catch State and a loss to Duke locks them into Wed as well.

    UM sits at 6-10 with a split against State and they play at Clemson tonight. A UM loss means that they can’t catch State and at best could tie UMD (assuming that UMD loses to VT and UVA).

    All of this means that the Wed/Thurs ACCT split will be probably be decided by Wed night.


    … well I’m sure this ain’t what the O.P. was thinking when he penned the Title…

    One thing Monday night means is that GOTT & Company woke up this morning with a big headache and a little headache…

    For three months we seen the Coaches —
    1. Trying to get these kids to play balanced Team ball on both ends of the court… and
    2. At the same time… trying to get CUZ to be a Team Leader and not disappear for large segments of the game..

    And we’ve seen good improvement in both areas, especially the last month…

    But after last night’s historic explosion by CUZ… plus the surprising defensive effort by one former starter…
    the question on Coaches minds this morning is:

    How do you put the genie(s) back in the bottle?
    Or with only two games left.. do we just put the “Team Stuff” on the back burner until next season and let ’em play it out?

    It’s gonna take more than one game for some sense of equilibrium to return…

    Why? Because for young kids, especially, it’s just too damn easy to sit back (while running the court) and watch CUZ do it all.
    … and CUZ will try to do it all…if left alone….

    Then there’s the “little headache” …

    Anybody else wondering what ANTHONY’s sister is tweeting today??
    As for me, I’m not, ’cause I’ve seen that soap opera and it ends the same way every time.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    What has been happening in the Twitter world with cat?


    He’s Hipster Cat now.

    Rumblings of bitching about playing time. WBS has been MUCH more public and immature about PT issues, but doesn’t catch 1/10 of the flak.


    … Not that it’s related to the topic …. but I understand John Calipari is looking for a “new Cat” to play point guard after last weekend’s trip into the abyss…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    …Back to the headaches…

    The good news… is that Coaches GOTT five whole days (which is a lifetime this time of year) to work something out…
    The bad news… is that they shouldn’t expect any “help” from Boston College. It’s all on us.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    WBS has been MUCH more public and immature about PT issues, but doesn’t catch 1/10 of the flak.

    ^I do not follow twitter or anything – could you give brief details?


    ^pup … that was back in December… old news.. Tyler tweeted when he shouldn’t have… after a short time in the Coaches DogHouse… Tyler has since worked his “problems” out “on the court”… without tweeting…

    Now… on the other hand… to no one’s surprise….
    Putting a cat in a DogHouse hasn’t quite fully produced the intended results as of yet…

    Moral of the story… let your sister do your tweeting for you….
    besides everybody already knows… Dogs and Cats don’t generally play well together.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    What Monday night means is that if we had shown up against Miami on Saturday we would be set for a 10-8 regular season with an RPI in the 50’s.. We’d have a legitimate shot at getting into the tourney. Hopefully we can start a roll with last night’s game and win 5 in a row.

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