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    Expanded replay approved, set for 2014 season (

    Method of review

    Via the press release: A designated communication location near home plate will be established at all 30 MLB ballparks. There, the Crew Chief and at least one other Major League Umpire will have access to a hard-wired headset connected to the Replay Command Center, which will remain at MLB Advanced Media headquarters in New York. Major League Umpires will be staffed as Replay Officials at the Replay Command Center. After viewing video feeds, the Replay Official will make the ultimate determination of whether to overturn the call, based on the continuing standard of whether there is clear and convincing evidence.


    Reviewable plays

    Home runs, ground-rule doubles, fan interference, boundary calls (fielder or ball going into stands, etc.), force play (except for the fielder’s touching of second base on a double play, aka “the neighborhood play”), tags, fair/foul calls in outfield only, “traps” in the outfield on a potential catch, whether or not a batter is hit by a pitch, timing plays (whether a runner leaves early when tagging up), touching bases, one runner passing another and record keeping (if there’s a dispute about the count, score, number of outs, etc.).



    Great news. Like the games aren’t long enough already.

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