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    I was idly surfing and went to ESPN as Fox’s Megyn Kelly is getting a bit “irksome”. Having listened to PE Trump and being totally enthralled, I was NOT ready for Mrs. Kelly. ESPN was running Jimmy V.’s ESPY speech. Again, my eyes teared up.

    Then, with trusty laptop in hand, I saw the WRAL letter that Mikey K posted today. Despite all the ugly things (and there are fewer of them every year….he MUST be changing), I have the UTMOST respect and admiration for him. He has surpassed everything that Wooden did. If you read about Wooden, he was NOT the nicest person (OK, Mikey still needs a little polish)…but UCLA did things that UNC should be punished for.

    Here is the link. It is a SIMPLE letter….and it shows. I WILL pull for Duke tonight….in reality, I am pulling for Mikey. Based on everything that I read (and John Feinstein’s book is a GREAT READ…”The Legends Club”. It SHOULD be required reading for every Wolfpacker….

    You will see them through a totally different life. NOW, it did NOT change my perception of DES….but at least I knew he was human.



    The published letter is fantastic and serves as a great display of just how much class and integrity Coach K has. I tabled my hatred for the K we see on the sidelines after I watched all the video clips ran a million times now during and around the Jimmy V Classic and after watching the 30 for 30 and anything else Jimmy V that all usually include excerpts from Coach K all describing his admiration for Coach V. The true and best V speech was the one he delivered at halftime in Reynolds when he had the crowd sing along with him and simulate the band playing the “GO PACK” song, now that’s a everlasting tear jerker.

    Jimmy V became a national, global legend most recently for the fortitude he showed while fighting cancer and the awareness his legacy and V foundation has brought to cancer research and funding. His LEGEND is the fiery Italian who took a group of no-body’s and turned them into National Champions shocking the world all the way. His basketball legend is the Coach at NC State, it is our uniforms you will see in every clip of Coach V doing the unthinkable on a basketball court. It should be our uniforms you see every god blessed year in the Jimmy V classic but you won’t. State should be a constant in the tourney but we’re not. I’ll never understand, I choose not to watch the tourney any more.

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