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    After graduation he will transfer to a program not named yet. Good for him and I wish him Godspeed on his journey. I hope he finds a program he can start in and that he does well.


    Good luck to him, I so bad wanted to see him on the field numerous occasions when our O could’ve used a boost…but unlike last year we never saw him. I hope he starts and lights it up somewhere! Of course when you have the Jay Sam wildcat formation and all the options that came from that…well just one option, Jay Sam run catching NO ONE off guard who needed McLendon….smh Good Luck my frien


    I figured he would transfer if Finley returns. You can’t blame him for wanting to play. When he came in he looked like the type of WB that DD wanted (Lynch style), but the offense with Drink is just different (pass first schematically and definitely that from the QB). I wish him nothing but the best.


    Best of luck to him. He apparently wasn’t a negative influence when many in his spot might have been. He could well help somebody next season and I hope he does.


    I have nothing but positive thoughts for him. As Tex says I hope he can help some other program and make a name for himself.


    Update on Devin Leary at the Polynesian Bowl:

    Devin Leary — After struggling to find his rhythm in the first practice session following a 12-hour flight from the East Coast, the four-star pro style quarterback looked up to speed Wednesday. He fit throws into tight windows, hit receivers in stride and looked off safeties to connect on a couple deep passes. Leary has signed with N.C. State.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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