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    The purge begins. Hat tip to our message forums where this news was already being discussed. I remember getting intel in 2013 (Doeren’s first year) th
    [See the full post at: Matt Canada out as Offensive Coordinator]


    Hey look, something new to bitch about.
    Last Week: DD should fire the coordinators.
    This Week: DD must suck because he had to fire the coordinators.



    Wufpacker — I’m not sure I understand what you’re seeing/experiencing here. Most reaction I see is kind’ve matter-of-fact and doesn’t seem to be critical of DD at all.

    I’d rather try to focus on the topic more than worry about reactions from various pockets of the fanbase which, of course, isn’t going to be consistent.

    If nothing else, the move will inject a little energy and curiosity into the program. It will also be interesting to see if the new OC can bring with him some skill-position recruits (WRs?) and/or JUCO players that can provide some immediate help.


    Glad to see moves being made. Hope this can spark something for us. We need it. Go get the best candidate and fight like mad next year.


    It’s good to stir things up some. Go Pack!

    Go Pack!


    Are you serious..??? The biggest problem on this team isn’t the offense…its the DEFENSE. They can’t stop anybody, much less at crunch time.
    Is anyone paying attention to the number of points STATE allows…? Do we want a championship calibre team….?

    There has to be some sort of DEFENSE. This is about ridiculous. Good teams torch us – early and often.


    Huxtable’s job isn’t secure just because the other coordinator got fired first. He could be gone shortly as well.

    If it is true that Doeren and Canada didn’t get along, then this is the right thing to do. Canada will find another job, and we will find another coordinator. Coordinators bounce around all the time.


    SFN, I wasn’t making reference to the facts of the matter, nor your reporting of them. I would have thought you’d know me better than that by now. A change needed to be made, and IMHO still needs to be made (even more so) on the other side of the ball.

    My only reference is to a fanbase which is fractured and thus flagellates itself regularly and pathetically, on an almost daily basis. As evidenced by the comments on the forums thread that you yourself quoted…

    If I may…

    “If that happens, what does it say about the head coach that he has to fire BOTH coordinators that he had hired 3 years into his tenure?”

    That is what I’m seeing/experiencing. And I’m about damn sick of it.


    TMD11, why are you making the assumption that defense is NOT going to be addressed? I don’t understand the arbitrary connection of two mutually exclusive items.


    They can bring in Bill Belichick as the OC but it means NOTHING if the defense can’t get off the field.

    Alpha Wolf

    I’m glad it won’t be Matt Canada developing Jalen McClendon. That gives me hope for the young man to have a good career under center.


    Wufpacker – great points.

    I chose to include that quote b/c I think it is telling and opens up a broader conversation about Doeren as a leader and his effectiveness.

    I *think* Doeren can be successful. I also think that some of his weaknesses have been exposed and the comment about having to re-jigger the staff at this point in his tenure is related to this. I think Doeren might have been a tad too self-confident at times and has been a bit stubborn about some things, including his staff.

    I also think this is where solid AD leadership helps us tremendously as he won’t be on an island. He will have financial and all sorts of other support from the AD that will help enhance his chances of coming out of this better than before.


    OC won’t matter unless we stop other offenses. Huxtable’s D has shown very little improvement at all from year to year. I’m sure more to come.


    Mike Uremovich, OLine coach, leaving to take the OC job at NIU

    PK Pollar

    Wufpacker said:

    Last Week: DD should fire the coordinators.
    This Week: DD must suck because he had to fire the coordinators.

    That was my first impression when reading the posting. While it does say something about DD’s leadership and development as a P5 Head Coach, if the best thing to do now is fire the coordinator(s), then it should be done.

    I think we have all seen cases when the best thing to do at time=now was not done and we regretted it.

    DD will continue to be the coach for a couple of years. He needs the best and most energetic support staff possible. This could be his transition from diamond-in-the-rough to solid coach.


    It was widely whispered last fall that Canada and Doeren didn’t like one another.


    He will have financial and all sorts of other support from the AD that will help enhance his chances of coming out of this better than before.

    I’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out to determine whether I agree with this line of thinking.

    But make no mistake DD sits behind the eight ball today. He’s got an awful lot going against him. Average year (didn’t beat anybody significant), forced to fire his OC. Very difficult 2016 schedule. New QB to break in. Poor recruiting. Apathetic fan base. And the rival down the road beat your tail and managed to keep both Fedora and Chizik.

    He’s not in a good position right now. It will take an awful lot to reverse course.


    I have no inside knowledge. I do have opinions as a fan. Many times during the years I thought the offensive game plan was lacking. I felt the same with the defensive game plan. Maybe that will be addressed next. All in all I think I like the move …


    Wonder what happens with Diondre Overton tonight now. Could be bad news for us and good news (again) for Clemson.


    Wufpacker – since you singled out my post. Its a simple question really… Part of effective leadership is surrounding yourself with quality people and recognizing good talent…another part is, of course, making tough decisions.

    I can assure you, if this had been hux getting the ax – I won’t have applauded the decision. Like you, to me this strikes me as the lower hanging fruit.

    I haven’t done the homework, so I don’t know how many effective coaches had to fire both coaches early in their tenure in the same season.

    I just know this – one of the main reasons I support giving DD at least 6 years (in spite of a conference record that rivals only Tom Reed) is the belief that stability in itself can yield good results. When you have to fire coordinators, you set back that stability a bit it would seem.

    But hey, we may just have that stability on the defensive side of the ball.

    Who knows? I certainly don’t. I do believe that DD can be effective coach, but you’ll have to excuse me if I indulge in a little “self-flagulation”. I just call em as I see um with the knowledge that I don’t know the future and there is an exception to every rule.


    Move long overdue. We haven’t shown much analytical analysis of folks that we hire, including DD. I think we need that type of background work to really make the best decision and pay what it takes. DD hired two coordinators that had just been fired and, further, neither had ever really done much in their careers. It was just a dumb idea. If DY couldn’t pony up enough money to hire $1M coordinators when DD was brought in, then she wasn’t thinking either. It does no good to bring in a new head coach without careful analysis and plenty of $ to get the best proven coaches possible.

    DD is not analytical. We did not show any real coaching excellence over the past 3 years. You can see quality coaching immediately and we saw none of it, really since day 1.

    There is still risk even if you pay big $ for top coordinators and assistants. But, if you don’t, you are likely to fail.

    I think DD was a mistaken hire, but here’s to being proven wrong and that new coaches can make a real difference.


    From what I have seen and heard, I do not believe anyone is out working DD and staff in recruiting and building relationships. I think it has begun to pay off and will continue to build. It does take time. However, I do not think he has proven he can coach yet. I find it a bit ludicrous to place so much blame on the assistant coaches. Do you not think he is involved in the defensive and offensive game planning and play calling? If the play he wants run is not being run and he doesn’t change it, he has no one to blame but himself. I understand if the players are not developing under the assistants and the assistants are not bringing in the recruits that are needed, then yes, he has to address that in his hiring and firing. But blaming the play calling and defensive game planning on the coordinators, I don’t believe it.


    The ” P ” Factor at work…

    according to some observers…

    the Best Defense is a Good Offense….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Botb – what was our p’s on offense (not as compared to “d” but just our own punts not the ones we force.


    ^hell Chop … I don’t know…
    whatever it was… it needed to be a whole hellava lot better…

    There’s two ways to play the ” P ” Factor…
    Three and OUt or…
    get the ball, keep the ball and keep your weakass D on the sideline…

    We didn’t do either…

    Maybe this move gives us a glimpse as the DD’s preference..
    i.e.,,, just outscore the other team…

    who knows?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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