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    She deserves her own thread.

    Working from home today, and she is on 99.9 now ripping *unx a new one by simply being honest. It’s amazing.

    Hope you can access a podcast later if you were unable to hear it now.


    I love it how all of the UNX world is trying to ruin her credibility. She has nothing to gain and much to lose but is speaking up anyway. My favorite is how they claim they had no idea……until she produced the emails where she did send the information up the ladder. Caught in another lie, they are digging hard but just keep digging the hole deeper.


    Finally they have shut her down. Idiots. Too late. Only makes them look worse. In the meantime, David Glenn working as hard as ever to pump his university back up out of the septic tank by doing his own research….stating yesterday that the average SAT scores for affleets entering his school rank in the top five nationally and btw, NCSU is not in the top five. I’m not sure if this includes the chess team. Of course, he was also quick to point out that every other university in the world is doing the exact same thing….but I suppose just doing it better than his university, since they got caught.


    If we assume the “student” athletes were all Phi beta Kappa canadites what then is the Carolina explanation for the no-show classes and inflated grades given in the AF-Am Department?


    Throwing out their recent grades/admissions data from 2012-13 really grinds my gears… OF COURSE your numbers are great now, you have just been through an NCAA investigation. Who on earth is dumb enough to hear that and not see it for the spin it is.


    jigabytes of bandwidth covered on this….but it still goes on. California Hotel’s one lyric (OK, I did do a parody on this earlier) sum it up.

    And in the master’s chambers,
    They gathered for the feast
    They stab it with their steely knives,
    But they just can’t kill the beast

    The history of the AFAM being a KU creation that Dean Smith copied and AD Swofford got implemented is well documented. Die Hards even do not deny that.

    Chancellor Folt, FINALLY, getting involved shows that the little 363 Kg Gorilla is GROWING.

    One DOES wonder about the mentality of the folks that are actually calling the shots. UNC has paid MILLION$ of DOLLAR$ to a PR/Legal firm and they are approving EVERY released statement and are emailing talking points to every key player (one day, ORW is gonna go OFF SCRIPT and this thing will go thermo nuclear….and he will “retire”).

    The PR firm must know how absolutely UGLY things actually are and all the BAD publicity based on speculation is a drop of water in the ocean compared to the OUTRAGE that would happen if the TRUTH actually comes out.

    BUT, the decision to “suspend” Mary Willingham’s research on a trumped up charge? That eludes me. Maybe the folks in that department did not get the memo….”Do NOT rock the boat”. All the N&O headlines fan it.

    BUT, remember it is a LOCAL fire with a 5 minute moment of fame nationally. If you go to Winston Salem and do a Jay Walking interview, HOW many will recognize Mary Willingham, Jennifer Wiley, Uncle Julius, Bubba, Carol Folt?

    Go to next week’s Hickory NC Kiwanis meeting. They failed the “Who is Jennifer Wiley?” test a few years ago when she dominated this site and was all over the local newspapers. Ask them who is Mary Willingham? Bet their grades are WORSE than any legitimate grade that a UNC athlete got.

    Beat goes on…enjoy it today. It will (PR Firm Predicts) be yesterday’s news. Don’t get your hopes up…Look at DC…


    Me thinks MW has not been operating in a vacuum..Bet she’s being guided by some very astute attorneys supported by some UnC profs who are fed up with the “Dump on the Hump athletic department”…Rome was not built in a day, nor was it destroyed in a day..

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    *NC fires back. Makes it sound like the research she did was for a paper only class. This is too funny. Bonus: 4 people spent 200 hours this week. How many hours of overtime is that? 40.

    The test she used to diagnose reading skill, Dean said, was a vocabulary test that should not be used alone to judge overall literacy. And, he added, Willingham misinterpreted the results of the data, rendering her conclusions “virtually meaningless.”

    “Using this data set to say that our students can’t read is a travesty and unworthy of this university,” Dean said. “These claims have been unfair to the students, unfair to the admissions officers, unfair to the university.”

    Dean said four people spent more than 200 hours analyzing Willingham’s data this week.

    Some faculty thanked Dean and Chancellor Carol Folt for the hourlong presentation, but at least one professor said the refutation sounded like stonewalling.

    Read more here:


    This info from Willingham seems to support her contention (taken from Kane’s Twitter):

    Willingham: 17 starters/regulars on 2013 UNC FB team had 29 F’s, 53 D’s and 10 semesters of academic probation.

    uNX is really fine slicing their “data” as they try to refute Willingham.


    They are looking oh so bad. She is going to fry them.


    So, let’s get this straight … Unx is right about everything and their research is top notch and above reproach.

    Unx hires Mary Willingham and part of her duties include research. Unx is associated with Mary Willingham for a considerable amount of time. Yet, now – all of a sudden – she doesn’t know how to conduct or evaluate her own research.

    So bottom line is that Unx hired Mary Willingham and kept their association with her – even though she is incapable of good research practices.



    This has been their MO all along, discredit and deny. The D twins.

    Smarter than the average bear


    You forgot deflect


    Anyone who trusts the unsupported claims of an organization that sanctioned the AFAM sham is naive, stupid, a UNC fan…or some combination. As we saw when McAdoo’s paper was first made public, UNC has absolutely no interest in getting to the depth and breadth of their problems.

    I found it interesting that the comments centered on WM’s summary of reading/writing skills. If the data supported 9th grade skills instead of 4th-8th, you could still legitimately claim that her conclusions were false….all without admitting that MW had uncovered a serious problem.

    The reading/writing skills are really a side issue. The real issue is what did UNC do to correct the problems…and how that they kept those athletes eligible.


    As I e-mailed some wolven pals earlier today…I have passed the tipping point. I hate THEM more than I like US, and I don’t give a damn whether that’s healthy or not.

    Those f-ckers need to PAY, and preferably before they ruin this brave woman’s psyche and/or career.


    the average SAT scores for affleets entering his school rank in the top five nationally

    This may be true across the entire department, but I’d like to see a sample size that was ONLY scholarship Basketball players and another that was ONLY scholarship football players, and see where the average of those specific samples go without the help of walk-ons and olympic sport athletes to boost the “average” to make them top five.

    EDIT: To get the full picture, those averages would have to be compared to the averages of other ACC schools, and other conferences.



    *This could have been posted in the ‘UNC defense’ thread as well

    Of interest:
    NOTE: Peter Grauer, the chairman of Bloomberg L.P., which owns Bloomberg Businessweek, is a trustee of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and sits on its Foundation Board and the UNC Global Research Institute Board.

    ^See that, unx? That’s called being ‘up-front’ and ‘honest’ so as to eliminate potential ‘bias’. LOL


    The article is great, tells it like it is, and doesn’t let them hide behind “everyone does it”.

    Then there’s this:

    “Out of 3,946 new first-year students, only 98 males — about 2.5 percent — self-identify as black, based on data from UNC’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment released last month.”

    I found this very interesting, and I’m interested to know what the percentage is at State.


    A thread? How bout a statue?

    From the PR perspective, this is the kind of stuff that will have negative long-term effects. Think about how complicated all of the other stuff has been. It’s the kind of stuff that if you scroll it across the bottom of the TV screen in a newsfeed, the average person is going to stop reading before it gets to the end. It’s like a summary of War and Peace. Benefits, fake classes, changed grades. Yawn. Everyone does it. Ignore it, downplay it and it will go away for all but the pitifully obsessed Wolfpack fans.
    But, then this comes along: UNC STUDENTS CAN’T READ. It’s a PR dagger. It’s the kind of thing that lives on in infamy like the “amphibious” statement. Even the average UNC Wal-Mart hat-wearer can understand it, if not relate to it. When you hear that people can’t read at UNC, an institute of high esteem, people take notice. National writers drop it in articles ( while shaking their heads and tsk-tsking. Some find it newsworthy enough to write entire pieces on it. It’s easy to understand and follow. And just like throw-up, once it’s out, it ain’t goin’ back in. The PR spin may be too difficult for such a thing and could risk a negative result by trying to harm the messenger. It begins to paint them (UNC) in a negative light. It’s indefensible. To top it all off, the b-ball team is not playing well and it’s always easier to pile on than to be a hater. And once people hear it, their ears are more open to negative UNC news. It’s not about what actually happened. It’s all about what gets left in the public consciousness. What do you think of when you hear “SMU,” “Reggie Bush,” “Pete Rose,” any muscular baseball player from the steroid era, “Tiger Woods,” “OJ Simpson,” “Lance Armstrong?” UNC does not want their name to be associated with “can’t read.” Send it in, Mary.


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