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    Just hearing on 99.9 that Mary Willingham has resigned – apparently following an hour long meeting with some honchos at Unx.

    I’d be very interested in the details surrounding this resignation, if any are / will be forthcoming … Don’t mean to start a speculation thread, but I think her resignation is relevant and topic-worthy given the slow time (plus baseball is not going so hot).

    Details? Please share …


    Dang! And Chancellor Dolt was just about to call Mary to schedule their meeting (riiiiiiight)! Hopefully, this will free Mary from the shackles of those lying, cheating, thieving a$$holes…


    They met and she resigned following the meeting.

    Jay Smith, a history professor at UNC who is collaborating with Willingham on a book about the scandal, said she made the decision to resign after the meeting with Folt.

    Smith said Folt spent much of the meeting berating Willingham for her comments about the scandal in recent months, which included interviews with national media that gave the scandal a wider audience and had become a major embarrassment for the university.

    “There was no attempt to repair the relationship or to build a bridge,” Smith said of Willingham’s meeting with Folt on Monday. “Instead, from what I understand from Mary, it was just a tongue lashing, and I think that’s what kind of tipped the scales for Mary. When she realized that even Folt is beyond reach there isn’t much point in continuing.”


    ^Wulf-thanks for the update; I thought that Dolt was avoiding Mary, she went out of her way to force Willingham to quit…hope the Hammer of Thor is coming to smash all of these clowns.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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