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    Great hire by Holtz to nab Diaz. If a couple of off-season coaching moves had broken differently I think you would’ve seen Manny on the sidelines at Southern Cal. Sheesh…La Tech is a LONG WAY from Los Angeles.


    Manny Diaz is in his first spring as defensive coordinator at Louisiana Tech, and Skip Holtz has appreciated Diaz’ fire.

    Diaz is known as an intense coach, and reporters noted it after a recent practice.

    “I think there’s a couple things that make him special,” Holtz said. “He’s an attention-to-detail guy. He crosses T’s and dot’s I’s. Every little detail through the course of practice, he’s really organized with what he’s doing. He knows the game. He knows what he wants to do, defensively.

    “He knows what he wants and what he wants his players to do, and he comes out here and coaches with great passion. I love the energy he coaches with, because that’s where it starts.”


    Man has his stock fallen far.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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