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    This SUCKS (even for Mack Brown). (Link)

    Former Texas coach Mack Brown’s home in North Carolina was destroyed by a fire last week.

    According to KVUE, Brown had just moved all his Texas memorabilia from his home in Austin, Texas to the North Carolina house. Brown also said the only thing left standing at the home are the two chimneys, which leads you to believe all his Texas memorabilia is is gone as well.

    Knowing the vanity of Mack Brown I cannot begin to imagine the sheer volume of memorabilia he must’ve had. Don’t forget, the NCAA had to literally pass a rule constraining the size of schools’ media guides because of what Brown’s programs kept plugging into the guides at UNC and then Texas. They literally celebrated and promoted ANYTHING they could. Heck, where do you think that the mythical “State Championship” of college football in North Carolina comes from? It didn’t exist before Mack Brown at UNC started ‘winning it’.

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