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    At the risk of quadrupling the activity here, I’m posting this. Larry Brown has quit at SMU. I apologize in advance for the stress on the server.


    Maybe we can pick up one of their commits.


    ^We would first need to know how much money Brown offered him…


    Would that be covered by an FOIA request? Maybe the NCAA would help with that.

    Of course what we offer, a quality education that will multiply itself many times over during their lifetime, might be that outside the box thinking that could reel them into the Pack.


    Looks like Larry’s agent did not meet the Jerry McGuire criteria……”Show ME the $$$$$!” Old LB gonna go ply his craft somewhere else.

    SOME NCAA D1 School will put the pick on the Booster’s Club, the AD, the daughter’s of powerful alumni, etc…..and come up with a “reasonable pay package”.

    Larry STILL is smarting that Dickey Doo Baddour done DISSED him. Dean Smith held that against Dickey after Dickey wanted to see Larry’s Resume. Dickie was dispatched by BOTBob and the gang (FFC air fare and 5* hotels) to woo and land LB. They met at a trendy LA (Hollywood) eatery and DDB had the AUDACITY to ask Larry for his “Credentials”. ODES had already told LB that DDB was coming out to work out the details and the fix was in. It weren’t and ODES was forever irritated at his Hand Picked AD.

    This is covered in great details in “The Legends Club”. LB would have really done well at UNC….especially with ODES’s AFAM program JUST BLOSSOMING in UNC.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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