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    In case you missed it, the Lady Pack BB team soundly TRUMPED (is this Iowa?) the Lady Lambs from UNC in Broughton today. The 78 – 49 victory is the larges margin since 1978. It also broke a 5 year drought. No CURRENT NCSU player or coach has EVER beaten UNC. The last time was in February, 2011.

    The gymn was packed and IF you could get in (we have season passes), you were NOT guaranteed a seat. Fortunately, we found two. The game was a little close at the end of the half, but old MO was with the Pack. Then they executed sharply and the margin grew and GREW. There was a loud cheer when it was 10…..and screaming and yelling when it got to 20. Pandemonium erupted when it hit 31. Wes put in a bunch of pine covers and the final score was ONLY 29 points.

    Admittedly, Coach Sylvia Hatchell was not on duty….seems like Bubba is prepping the loyal UNC fans with suspensions, which COULD result a NEW Coach….no matter that her record is one of the best (men and women) in the country. She has lost talent….but the BUS backed up and ran over her again.

    Poetic Justice….she broke the Jimmy V NCAA Rule. Thou cannot use “hype” to lure a recruit….remember Jimmy V’s DREAM ROOM (with Wally Ausley’s booming voice) telling the crowd that the recruit was going to WIN the championship for NCSU….seems that Sylvia used that little ploy. Pity that Woody Durham was not there to make it more realistic.

    SO, congratulations to the Lady Pack. It was a great day in Broughton….as was yesterday at the PNC….

    GO PACK….


    Sounds like a great time had by all those wearing red. Coach Moore is doing good things. Hopefully they can give #3 ND a run for their money on Thursday.

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