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    Since he is part of Most Glorious el Beisbol Cardinals, I will get more regular updates than I would otherwise. So far, so good:

    — Andrew Knizner (Rd. 7, #216), the catcher prospect from NC State, has gotten off to a solid start at Johnson City, the lower-level short-season affiliate for the Redbirds. He’s put up a .269/.402/.388 line so far, with an 8.5% walk rate and very manageable strikeouts. (15.9% K rate) Weird part of his line: he’s been hit by eight pitches already in just 82 plate appearances, so getting on base via the Craig Biggio Lean-In appears to potentially be part of Knizner’s game. The Cardinals seemingly placed a lot of emphasis on polished hitters and excellent plate discipline this season, and guys like Martinez, Knizner, and Edman are perfectly emblematic of that.

    Hat Tip:

    I love that he’s going full Coach Ernie Pantuso…



    Here, try to miss me.



    Boys. I compiled an update on all active professional Wolves, but it got so damned oppressive in weather-world, that I just said “screw it.”



    Well sh-t, I’ve been so caught up in me own shite for the past month, I’ve not kept up.
    Kiz is one of those guys that just does so much well, I expect to see him with the big club within a few yrs.

    About time to ramp it up folks.



    Good stuff, bjd… Now let’s see about getting him outta that godforsaken Cardinals uni

    (sorry, my man, Cubs fan here.. cards can lick my balls!)



    Diane has a pretty decent arm it seems.
    Not a bad tushie, either.



    ^ In her prime she swung from both sides…pitch and catch, too!



    Strap on?
    Oh wait…never mind.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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