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    UNC-CHeats officials publicly acknowledged today — the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend when nobody in the world is paying attention to anyth
    [See the full post at: It’s Friday! UNC-CHeats announces receipt of NOA]


    Classic way to dump news which you wish you did not have to dump. Will it be of any consequence? On that we shall see.


    It is Friday indeed. Interesting points about U*NC themselves even saying this academic fraud goes back at least to the late 80s. Let’s see if Kane runs with that soon.

    Sweet jumper

    Take those banners down!!!!!!!


    Take those banners down!!!!!!!


    It doesn’t take College of Engineering logic, simple application of Occam’s Razor will do.

    Roy knew. Dean knew. SWOFFY KNEW.


    The Cheaters Vice Chancellor for “university” development, David Routh said in blast email to the entire cheating community that the school would respond vigorously to the NOA…..saying “rest assured, we will vigorously pursue a FAIR and JUST outcome for the CHEATER (sic) community. We will follow up with you when that release (NOA) occurs to share points you can use in conversations with fellow alumni, colleagues, friends, neighbors and family to both inform and remind them about key facts (from UNCheat’s perspective)”.

    Translation (not that one is needed):

    These charges are bogus. They are lies. We are awesome. This is unfair. We don’t deserve any of this BS. We’re picking the report apart and will get back to you with our spin, otherwise known as talking points so that you idiots can create a drum beat of smoke screens and mirrors to, if for no one else, continue the Flagship myth that is The Carolina Way, amoung yourselves….cause you are the only ones stupid enough to still believe we are not the biggest bunch of cheating MF’s in the history of the universe.

    Alpha Wolf

    This may have been missed by a lot of UNC fans on their way to their weekends, but they’ll come home to some serious post-holiday blues…back to work AND the NCAA raising the hammer over their team.

    Gotta love it.


    Interesting that the 1st NOA issued, was detailed to the public on day one.

    Yet, the 2nd NOA, in 5 years, has been bunkered.


    I think the broad nature of the letter does not bode well for the heels. Those saying that basketball and football aren’t mentioned are sadly mistaken. Therein lies a whole lotta legal speak and allegation talk to go around the entire athletics department.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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