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    Damn right, it is.

    But that doesn’t seem to stop it from happening anyway. What’s worse is that these projections are already nearly two weeks old (ie, they were made after week 2).

    It seems the Pack is a popular pick to land in Charlotte, as both of these ESPN prognosticators have/had the Pack playing on 12/30 in Charlotte in the Belk, FWIW.

    vs Tennessee (according to McMurphy) or Auburn (according to Schlabach).

    But it’s not as if these two dunderheads were the first to make that pick. Earlier this summer (technically, it was even BEFORE summer), this dude had projected the Pack to play Mizzou in Charlotte.

    So…can we exceed these “expectations”? I think we can, but I don’t necessarily think we will. Plus, I think that for the Belk Bowl’s own interests, getting the Pack there if they can makes sense.

    For clarification purposes, it is worth noting that a Charlotte projection would put the Pack APPROXIMATELY 5th in the ACC pecking order, if one includes ND in the general scheme of things. So basically, behind FSU, Clemson, GT, ND; and in front of VT, ‘Ville, Pitt, Miami, Carolina, Duke and BC.

    Neither of the ESPN guys projected an ACC team in the playoff incidentally, though the pre-summer dude did…sort of (Notre Dame).

    IMHO, Notre Dame needs to shit or get off the pot, btw.

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