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    The Kanasas City Star ran this article mentioning Coach Doeren as a potential candidate for the now vacant Kansas job after UK fired Charlie Weis, 4 g
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    uhhhhhh, is this our punishment for such a hard fought game? can we not get a complete season that appears to be headed in the right direction without a catastrophic injury or some other form of statesh*t??? It would be ridiculous for anyone to assume he’d leave us for Kansas, connections or not, but this post put a severe negative twist on my “school night” buzz.


    The Kansas job is viewed currently by the coaching community as a career killer. It is not well looked on by either solid coaches nor up and comers. For a valid comparison, see Duke before they hired Cutcliffe. The best case scenario is getting some coach who is out of coaching and maybe doing broadcasting or a former head coach now assistant. Mark my words… No Power 5 conference school will lose their head coach to Kansas.


    HA! It’s already starting. Get used to it.


    Wall. Sh*t. Fling it!

    Does it stick?!?!



    I’m still hoping Notre Dame doesn’t grab up Tom O’Brien for his Irish last name.


    In a word, “NO”.

    He’s as likely to go to Kansas as we are of hiring John Bunting and Butch Davis as assistant coaches.

    Alpha Wolf

    Three weeks ago, a noticeable number of State fans would have packed Doeren’s bags and sent him on his way. Now we’re hoping that Kansas won’t lure him away. Thing is, if you have a good young coach who’s turned around your program, you’re going to see his name mentioned when a coaching search starts for a big school.

    If Dave Doeren takes State to an 8-3 record (possible) it will happen not only with Kansas but other schools too. At that point, it will be up to our AD and booster club to keep him happy.


    Well, the world is catching up with what most of us have figured out. We have a good young coach. This is likely KU testing the waters to see if there are any bites.


    If Doeren leaves us for Kansas, then we have far greater problems here than just losing our football coach to Kansas.

    Nevertheless, when the media starts printing candidates, most if those names benefit when they get extensions and raises.


    I worry if Michigan comes calling after the season will the Pack be able to keep him? My gut tells me hell no. 🙁


    If the media isn’t mentioning Doeren, then he’s not succeeding. That’s he’s being mentioned this early following a 3-9 ACC winless season should be an affirmation to those still doubting his abilities.

    Yow locked in Franklin early at Maryland before the country knew his name (it was Maryland’s folly to let him go). I doubt she’ll hesitate to do the same here when the time comes (assuming it does). But if this team keeps it up, she won’t be able to do it so inconspicuously.

    Doeren is not Edsall, he’s not Petrino; he’s not making the promises and commitments he’s made and bolting after year 2. He’s not leaving Brissett. He’ll be back next year, so at an absolute minimum, we have 14-15 months. Yow will know by season’s end 2015 the right move to make. Let’s hope we have concerns to put to bed after next season.

    If you’re still worried, don’t forget the Wisconsin job opened up while Doeren was here. If you insist on finding a reason to worry, you can look back to Northern Illinois, but then, those were entirely different circumstances.


    Meeechigan at least thinks they can do better than DD, but who knows. This is the first coach we’ve had since HWSNBN that’s been mentioned for job openings elsewhere so we should be happy.


    ^ You forget Lutz, unless you mean only head coaches.


    Kansas? who would leave Raleigh for Lawrence?…. pass


    BMFD is a candidate

    Prowling Woofie

    Has BMFD finished bleeding the Holes ?

    No coach in their right mind – in the process of building a successful Big 5 program – would take the albatross that is Kansas football. I’m more concerned with the Michigan scenario, frankly, especially if they get rebuffed a couple of times.

    However, I don’t think Doeren will bolt on us until he builds a winner, if then.


    I didn’t know Doeren also coached basketball; that’s the only job worth taking at Kansas. Being the head football coach at Kansas is a job for desperate souls, young assistants, or guys just interested in the pay check.

    I don’t think we have anything to worry about over the next 2 years. But there is always the possibility that some idiot AD will offer DD a idiotic sum of money that will force him to at least consider the opportunity.


    I’m still hoping Notre Dame doesn’t grab up Tom O’Brien for his Irish last name.



    After seeing The Carter rockin’ Saturday Doeren said, “This ain’t Kansas, Tocho.”


    Now that is funny Grey!

    Smarter than the average bear


    It should be a compliment to have his name mentioned. Seems we are doing things the right way, and in spite of a poor W/L record last year, the foundation blocks are being set.

    The hope is bigger programs do come calling – it means even more success for the Pack. The hope is also that if that is the case, we can retain him. Wiscy was the biggest fear and we jumped that hurdle before his first game.


    On the topic of the former Kansas coach’s canning, here’s a nice tidbit from this article on ESPN:

    The man does know how to negotiate a contract, though. According to USA Today, his combined severance from Notre Dame and Kansas in 2015 will be nearly $4.6 million, which will rank him among the highest paid coaches in the country.

    Only he’ll be chilling on the sofa eating Cheetos. Life is so cool!


    Remember, this is what KS had to agree to in order to get someone of the discard pile. If we lose a coach (other than a hot seater looking to pull a football version of HWSNBN and reset his career clock) to the Jayhawks, we might as well disband the program. And that’s from someone who doesn’t have a high view of our place in the football food chain.

    Foose is exactly right on the timeline. We will have a good idea what kind of program DD is building by the end of 2015 season. I am certainly cautiously optimistic.

    PLEASE REMEMBER – success is often two steps forward, one step back. We are still young, thin, and outgunned at many positions. This staff has recruited and motivated very well, and came up with a gameplan that was genius for FSU. That does NOT mean Saturday was/is our new baseline performance level. It’s our “best case scenario” and will NOT be a poor reflection on the staff that we can’t play that way every week.

    I think we could get to 7-5 now, 8-4 and DD should be unanimous ACC COY. PS, he will get my vote at 7-5, but YMMV.

    Sorry I hadn’t posted full thoughts sooner, but I concussed myself over the weekend (in true Kosmo Kramer style) and have been scrambly in the brain.


    It seems human nature is geared to vindicate original assessments as opposed to applying Bayesian logic – i.e., use new information to continually update opinions.

    I went from Good Hire – to Questionable Hire – to Even More Questionable Hire – to Maybe a Good Hire.

    Hindsight Bias abounds on this thread.

    I think Matt Canada has shown tremendous and consistent ability in his play calling. Even last year I was optimistic about the offensive play calling but the execution just wasn’t there (no QB).

    DD still has question marks and is far from certain the next Mack Brown. Time will tell, but one thing is certain, I will update my thinking based on new information.

    Our defense is incredibly atrocious though in large part due to a lack of talent. I think if DD continues to recruit well (this class is blah on paper) and trends upwards, the sky is the limit for a good coach. I hope he is a significantly better than average coach b/c we are nowhere near close to having Clemson or Fl State talent. We will have to out-scheme and out-coach the 2 best coaching staffs int he ACC.

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