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    I posted this link in another thread, but I’m moving it to it’s own thread. It’s eye-opening for sure. I love this behind-the-scenes stuff that comes out during/after coaching searches. I have no idea how much of this is legit – some of it may just be jilted VCU fans, but if it’s accurate, I really speaks to Wade’s character. I wonder if this explains our quick move to hire Keatts. Maybe the committee learned about Wade and decided to go the other way.


    Weird to hear this, could be sour grapes, but seems like they weren’t enamoured with him.

    Also interesting to read about how VCU fans considering their program high level. And I’m puzzled in general by program like this, Xavier, and the likes, they recruit well, are regularly in the NCAAs, but are constantly rotating coaches. I guess geographic advantages.


    Weird to hear this, could be sour grapes, but seems like they weren’t enamored with him.

    I found the contrast in the attitude his players and Keatts’ players enlightening. Night and day. What was the difference? Wade recruit kids with bad attitudes? I didn’t think so either.

    We should have waited for Wade. Just what we need here. Tension between the team, coach and administration. (sarcasm alert)


    This is the precise reason WE (board monkeys) have no business picking the next coach. As the dust settles no matter what anyone says it’s a crap shoot. Wade would have been a disaster. Mr Shocker? Not at 4 mil and a trashy mouth woman behind the bench. Yeah, maybe UNCW isn’t top tier conference wise but Keatts has proven he can coach. Let’s face it you’re not going to budge a successful top tier like say Bill Self to come to State. Great coaches always come from a lower tier (V, case, sloan) that someone takes a chance on. Gott was what was left at the end of the day, he had some moderate success but when the wheels fell off the ride exploded. Everyday I hear or read something that makes me think one day we may be fighting to hold on to Keatts, but if he IS the fan of NC State that he says he is he may be here a long time.

    Smarter than the average bear


    If some day Keatts leaves for greener pastures, that means he has improved NC State basket ball and made us a better destination.
    Good for both of us. from the presser and the students reaction, I think the selection was a home run.


    The best looking woman doesn’t always make the best wife. I married a real ‘looker’ the first time. I couldn’t see I was marrying Miss Auto-correct, Miss Knows-best and Miss High-maintenance all in one very attractive woman.

    Not saying Keatts was an unattractive hire but there has been a lot of gnashing of the teeth here since his announcement. Some of us have dusted off our crystal balls (no pun intended) and seen that Keatts will never reach .500 in the ACC.

    His 2 national high school championships mean nothing. He can’t coach in the ACC. So what that with only 3 years of college coaching he was made associate head coach of a national champion, he can’t coach in the ACC. Winning his conference championship 3 years running after an eight year winning record drought before him is meaningless. He doesn’t have experience coaching in the ACC.

    The more I become aware of his life-time of coaching achievement, the more confident I become that he is the right choice. Thank goodness we didn’t hire MY first choice. I’ve got a history of bad choices.


    All we needed was a Coaches wife (s) with more baggage.
    GOTT’s squeeze and another assistant wife tried to crash the Champions Club multiple times. Told to get tickets or have someone call. NADA, only you’ll be sorry.

    Imagine the KH worshipping refs if our coach’s wife started to potty mouth them. Gregg from Corn ? Land might have had issues. Wonder if she will sign up for anger management and charm school?


    As the dust settles no matter what anyone says it’s a crap shoot.

    Hiring people is the most inexact science in the world. I marvel at some of the potential stars I’ve hired over the years who were complete duds. Hiring people who are smarter than you is the most important ingredient in raising the success level of your organization.


    I did not like Wade and was pretty vocal about it. At the same time he may well outperform our hire. There are some built in advantages at LSU that one can ride for big talent and then use in a more open/fair conference.

    I will say that Wade at Clemson didn’t scare me at all. I didn’t think he’d produce Purnell level results (and Purnell is a coach I liked and would have traded for Sid in a second).

    I have done quite a bit of hiring. My two most important things are some verifiable track record of success (but with an understanding that experience is typically never at the level of the job that I’m offering. The job has to offer the candidate growth.) as well as team and culture fit (We’re going to have some rough moments so I had better be able to trust you to put the mission and team ahead of yourself). For me Wade threw up red flags in both categories.


    there is a thin line between wanting respect and wanting to be buddies, Gott wanted to be friends with the players and lost their respect-I wonder which player disrespected an assistant coach during a game, hope he is one of the ones that doesn’t return-I think there is possibility that a lot of players will flourish under Keatts (Kapita and Kirk come to mind) if Abu returns I think there is a possibility he could be a monster, M Johnson is one I hope returns he is a solid point guard


    If Gott wanted to be buddies it sure manifested itself in a funny way with defections and transfers.

    But I’ve had about as much drama as I can handle and if Wade or his ole lady would bring that then no thanks. Saw the article of her potty mouthing the officials.


    Back in the early 2000’s, I covered the ACC Tournament for our local newspaper. Press row becomes press ROWS for events like that, and I was sitting in maybe the third row. Duke was playing someone in the Friday night game, and a lady behind me was so pointed and loud yelling at the officials that I turned around several times to try to locate her in the crowd. When I finally did, turned out to be Coach K’s wife. She was just about as brutal with the refs as he was!

    (This has almost nothing to do with this conversation, but references to coaches potty-mouth wives brought back that memory).


    MBS, I sat within earshot of K’s family at the ACCT in Greensboro a few years ago when we played Duke on Thursday (the game Barber went out fairly early when he got his bell rung). This is a game where Duke was in control for the entire game and cruised to a 25 point victory. K’s wife and daughters were so loud, obnoxious and foul mouthed it made me cringe. Can’t imagine how they would behave in a tightly contested game.
    I thought about that immediately when I heard about the behavior of Marshall’s wife.

    Red Baron

    Just to set history straight, Sloan was not an unknown “up and comer” when hired at State. He was a very successful head coach at the University of Florida, a power 5 school(? – there was no such thing as power 5 back then). He turned their program around. He most likely took the State position cause it was his alma mater. We thanked him for that and the NC by trying to lowball his compensation. Hiring Sloan would have been more akin to us hiring Billy Donovon (sp?) several years back had tha wish come true, or had we hired Crean from IU.

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