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    The Carolina Hurricanes so far this year have the lowest attendance of any NHL team.

    In fact, by average home attendance – 11,391 per game – and building occupancy – 61 percent – ‘Canes fans rank significantly below even the second-to-last team. In terms of average attendance, Arizona ranks 29th with 12,905, a 71 percent occupancy, according to data provided Sports Business Journal, a sister news organization.

    The ‘Canes have ranked near the bottom of these metrics in previous years, though not by a margin this wide. Last year, for example, the ‘Canes ranked 29th in average attendance with 12,716, or a 68 percent occupancy, according to data kept by SBJ. In the 2013-14 season, the Canes drew an average of 15,484 fans per game, an 83 percent occupancy and ranked 23rd in the league.


    Carolina Hurricanes average per game home attendance (and percent occupancy) through the years
    2008-09: 16,573 (88.7%)
    2009-10: 15,241 (81.6%)
    2010-11: 16,471 (88.2%)
    2011-12: 16,043 (85.9%)
    2012-13: 17,560 (94.0%)
    2013-14: 15,484 (82.9%)
    2014-15: 12,716 (68.1%) – through 23 games




    It seemed to me the turning point was the strike during the 2012-2013 season, although there is a delay from that in the numbers. This is a tough market as college basketball overlaps a major part of the season


    ^specially when you are one of the worst teams in the league (tough market). Very similar to Pack basketball, gotta have something to keep fans excited or attendance falls off. Its been almost 10 years since Canes even made the playoffs, no market is gonna support fan base with that. I used to go to games alot, each season have gone less and less. Its an expensive sport to attend with ticket prices and the crazy vendor prices unless its a family nite promotion game. Parking fees alone makes us stay home, just crazy. A family of 4 will spend over $300 to see them lose. Who can afford that in any market.


    They stopped giving away free and sharply discounted single-game tickets to make season ticket holders feel more “valued.” Predictably, this being a market economy (and the product remaining the same), attendance plummeted.


    Wonder how “valued” those season ticket holders will feel when the team moves.



    two questions…

    Who cares?
    Who benefits?

    Let ’em move…
    We get our gym back… and our kids won’t have to play on a cold floor…


    Now don’t get me wrong…

    Watching professional ice hockey IN PERSON is absolutely awesome, as good or better than the NBA…. If you can afford it and your team is competitive… plus they sell cold beer in cups…

    so don’t go there…

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    john of sparta
    Prowling Woofie

    BassPacker’s spot on – can’t afford to frequently take the family to Canes games, and will make other choices when the team is as bad as it is currently. Love watching good NHL games, but we’re just not seeing that st PNC recently.


    Too many game, too much money for those games, to top it off, team hasn’t been great.

    This was a $ grab by karmanos I suspect current ownership will take theirs… If there are any takers.


    Was at the game last nite as the Canes hosted the Defending Stanley Cup Champs Blackhawks. Two observations. One is that Blackhawks fans show up, felt more like a visiting game for Canes. They were loud and visible early on. Thank goodness Canes shut them up within first 2 minutes and never let off the throttle with a 5 zip shutout. Second observation….who was that team in red last nite? It was by far the best performance this season and maybe since winning the Cup. Play like that on a regular basis would fill the seats with Canes fans not visiting teams fans. With that being said, still is hard for the average family to justify the cost over experience.

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