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    Time out for all things rivalry. Condolences Marvin

    Marvin Austin’s father passes away


    I read this last night….then decided to tell my wife about this morning…

    Couple of comments….

    UNC is hiring someone as a “High Paid Baby Sitter”….as my wife puts it. My daughter complains about how much “good” baby sitters (older teens without guns, tattoos, and fully dressed) costs in Cary/Apex. Here is a link….
    The average rate is $10.25….and they do NOT get fringe.

    SO, UNC, the paragon of social justice is paying UNDER what President Obama demands as a MINIMUM federal wage ($15 – $16). Ordinarily the folks at UNC would be holding candlelight vigils and protesting the petty payment…

    I think that UNC has it all wrong….they need to hire “Handlers” instead of class attendance checkers…..CBS (dating myself….when I was a lad) had a VP in charge of Arthur Godfrey…

    AND they want a Bachelor’s degree…

    Now to NCSU75’s comments….and also the ADMIN’s feedback to him.

    NCSU75….you make a valid point. A LOT of this site does do some serious (as well as humorous) topics on our sister (as well as others, sometimes) institutions and their goings on. When something happens at NCSU, it is probably covered well also.

    I, too, wish that perhaps there were TWO sections….State SPORTS…as it relates to the “competition” and MISCELLANEOUS….sort of the editorial overview of what OUR admin does and the goings on of others.

    BUT, they are intermingled….like PNB & Jelly….and difficult to separate and in the end, get mixed anyway…

    BUT, consider that the cost of this site is free and the guys that run it put in a LOT of time…

    So, take it for what it is….enjoy the humor. Enjoy the info on State…


Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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