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    “How would ODU and GSU, our opponent from week 1, fare this Saturday?” was a question on a lot of SFN and other interested minds this past week. ODU held Central Michigan to three 4th quarter points. This is not a typo. OSU with its horrid defense did pretty good, I’d say.

    Only a silly decision by a second string QB let GT win their game, 42-38. That score dould easily have been 45-35 or 45-42. Instead GSU took another heart-breaking loss to another very fortunate ACC team.

    As for the 1.5 point favorite Wolfpack, our Wildcat (wildWolf?) offense, that so many never want to see again, had a successful day as did our spread offense. Our ‘sorry’ defense did OK as well.

    Want to read a plausible explanation of how State defense was able to turn around? Checkout the “NC State Football By The Numbers: Post ODU Edition” thread and see what tjfoose1 and TheCOWDOG have to say about NC State defense and how it is being developed. What should be scary for our future opponents, the defense is not done yet.

    Confession is good for the soul and this is also an opportunity for some of us to cleanse our football souls.

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