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    You can read the article. Gist of it is that SINCE the Media (touting our “AirWolf” Recruiting Trip) was alerted and was ON HAND. GOTT, by NCAA rules, was not allowed to TALK (maybe say Hello?) to the Recruit, Dennis Smith.

    We will probably get a post season suspension for this. It is about as Petty (and idiotic) as DT’s PU Game with Beidenbach was at Carmichael. Bill Gutheridge’s EX College roommate was the NCAA Investigator that flew into RDU, played golf at the UNC course with Bill and had dinner with his family….THEN drove over to Raleigh and “investigated” the matter and we were banned from post season play in 1973….the year that we won every game….

    Lordy, Lordy……no POST GAME BB Play this year. Swofford will probably also impose sanctions and we will not get to participate in the ACC Tourney….or MAYBE they will wait a year…..until Dennis is suited up (ala DT) and THEN impose the fine.

    OK….that is pure speculation…..but it does show the idiocity of the NCAA rules and how something as seemingly insignificant as “Talking to a Recruit with MEDIA present” is much worse than a PU BB Game between an assistant coach and a COMMITTED prospect…..


    Confuscius say: If you speak near a helicopter, does anyone hear?


    From what I have read this is minor at best. It is not something I am concerned about at all.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Will this hurt recruiting??

    He and Debbie should just deny it ever happened.

    It’ll all be over by Friday.


    Maybe Gott heard from some lawyers that this would be OK…


    The Athletic Department will be happy with the NOA. Do you suppose WBB will take one for the team?


    Admittedly, I don’t have my NCAA rulebook in front of me so I’m taking the article at face value, which is always a risk of course. But the way THEY say the rule reads, and the particulars of what THEY say happened and how it all developed….doesn’t sound like even a minor violation to me.

    Unless the NCAA somehow interprets the HS confirming that Gott was coming as a request for media coverage, so I guess it’ll depend on who said what to whom, and how that’s relayed to the NCAA when the time comes. Hopefully the HS office wench who took the reporter’s call ain’t a Carolina fan.

    Frankly, I don’t care as long as DSJr is gonna wear red. Totally worth it. I hope we already have the proper cheat(s) in place to finalize Bam’s arrival too.

    Fuq da NCAA. Level the “field” our damn selves if we have to.

    Red Baron

    If Gott is guilty then every major college coach in the country is guilty also. Naw, this isn’t the old ” everyone does it” defense that *nc uses, but it is the “everyone does it” defense so to speak. Ever seen media coverage of basketball games with coaches there watching players? I have. By definition in rule 13.02.4 that is considered a contact event whether a coach speaks to a player or not. Well every coach who has shown up at one of these events being filmed by someone other than the institution or organization responsible for the event and/or the school the coach represents is in violation of the rule 13.10.1 that is being cited by the accuser. Even ole Roy has done this a time or two. Perhaps those in (and around) glass houses should be careful tossing stones around. I keep forgetting the rules don’t apply to them and their “Crapolina Way.”


    ^ Yeah, but sleeping at a recruit’s game while media is there probably isn’t a violation. Probably not even addressed in the NCAA rulebook. Roy finding the loophole once again.


    ^ This is funny, but I can commiserate in this case. When you’re trying not to nod off, but the sandman grabs yo ass anyway, it’s hard to shake free.

    In Roy’s defense, I’m sure he would have had an easier time staying awake if he’d also had a douchebag yakking in his ear the whole time. Collins was a valued asst indeed.

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