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    Draft Express has posted an updated, extended scouting report on N.C. State point guard Cat Barber.

    Barber, who led the ACC in scoring last season, declared for the NBA draft after his junior season and has signed with an agent. Draft Express and both have Barber projected as a second-round pick.

    The latest scouting report from Draft Express includes some interesting stats from Synergy Sports Technology. For example, 75 percent of Barber’s shots (572 in all) this past season came from isolation, pick and roll or transition opportunities.

    And Barber converted 36.6 percent of his pull-up jump shot attempts and converted 49 percent of his attempts at the rim.

    For the most part, the scouting report accurately hits Barber’s strengths (speed, quickness, how he has improved/developed in three years at N.C. State) and his weaknesses (decision-making, efficiency).

    The only part that gave me pause was the last paragraph. It reads: “(Barber) does not have a reputation for being the most coachable player in the world or the best teammate, even beyond his often poor body language, so he will have to show in the pre-draft process that these things won’t be as much of a concern at the pro level.”

    The second part first: Barber’s body language certainly wasn’t perfect during his freshman season, when he split time with Tyler Lewis, or early in his sophomore season. But you couldn’t have asked for much more emotionally, or from a leadership standpoint, from him during what was a difficult 16-17 finish in 2015-16.

    And the first part goes directly against what N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried said several times, unprompted, during this past season.

    “He’s been very coachable,” Gottfried said in January. “I’ve never had one issue with him not being honest with me or playing hard or anything negative. What I’ve really enjoyed is he has developed and improved every year.”


    I have no issue with Cat regarding this. As a freshman maybe but we know that was a trying time. As should happen in a college career he developed and matured.


    I always got the impression he wa a FANTASTIC teammate. FFS, he and TAFKAWBS are still good friends. He gets frustrated when he doesn’t play his best, because he’s VERY hard on himself. He’s a driven ballplayer, as most winners are. I always loved that about Cat.

    His play developed and grew by leaps and bounds over his time here. He always did exactly what was asked of him. Freshman – defensive specialist. Sophomore – floor general. Junior – primary scorer.

    gso packbacker

    If I had to rank players on this year’s roster that came across to me as uncoachable, Cat wouldn’t make the top 3. Then again, that makes an assumption about what Gott was and was not coaching. Just going the let that comment float out there …


    Simply speaking to Cat’s personality, but he just does not seem to be a demonstrative, outspoken, verbal (at least on the court) leader.

    Come to think of it, when is the last time we had that type of player?? Hodge, maybe Atsur? We need a real floor leader.


    ^ That’s it. Cat is an introvert, and he’s been an introvert on a team of introverts.

    Last verbal leader we’ve had was Alex Johnson (and we’ve been desperate for someone who commanded that level of respect when he speaks ever since).


    IMO not coachable and not a good teammate are both BS. I have never seen any credible report that would support either notion. (No, I don’t find this DraftExpress “scouting report” to be a credible source.)

    Also, currently has Cat projected to be taken in the first round by the Spurs at 1.29. That is probably the best possible situation he could go to, with a great coach (Pop), an aging starter at PG (Parker is 34 and has a lot of miles), a backup who is a UFA next year (Mills), and no other PG on the roster (I’m not counting 40 year old Andre Miller).

    Aside from that, IMO Cat will make the NBA and play a long career barring a major injury, regardless of where he is drafted. IMO his game is much better suited to the NBA, where the floor is spaced much better, it is easier to run, and there is much less zone defense. I expect he will thrive with his quickness, one on one ability, and mid range game. And he has already proven he will work hard, so he could develop solid three point range over time, and his defense could also improve with more practice time and better coaching.


    I don’t believe Cat’s uncoachable or a bad teammate. Nothing I’ve seen suggests that at all. He’s improved drastically since he’s been here which means he’s put in the work. He played Ironman minutes last season and always dove for loose balls or ended up on the floor, which obviously means he’s willing to make sacrifices for the good of the team.

    I have my fingers crossed that Barber ends up in San Antonio. NC State’s players haven’t ended up in good situations with respect to the NBA franchises that have drafted them. I was really hoping Warren would end up in San Antonio.

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