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    The Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl was the best game of the year last year, followed closely by the Armed Forces Bowl. If you’re willing to become a hermit and watch all of these games you are bound to find 2 out of the 20 that are worth your time.


    Strong rumors in my neck of the woods that your squad will be heading to Motown to face the Akron Zips and your ex-coach! WhatayathinkaTHAT? Wolfpack vs the Chest! Remember the last time our teams played, he was YOUR coach…Now our DC!


    You gotta LOL at the prospect of State playing Akron in Detroit! And we all know what happened the last time those two met on the football field.

    And as far as the playoffs expanding to 16 teams, or even 8, that’s about as likely to happen as Notre Dame joining the ACC in football.

    It ain’t gonna.


    It will happen when the money is right. I predict around 2025-2030. Hope I’m not dead by then.

    I do think it will skip straight from 4 to the ideal 16. 8 will make nobody happy. Not big enough to include smaller conferences even when meeting “special season benchmarks” or to give it a true “tournament” feel.

    I am totes that hermit already, yo. You won’t believe how much football I crammed into my noggin over Thanksgiving weekend.


    I agree with BJD. It will happen. It’s much more likely than ND fully joining the ACC.

    This one will be all about the money, and there will be a lot of money. There’s already tons of money for the NCAA basketball tournament, so for the NCAA football tournament, there will be even more. There will be so much that no one will ignore it, least of all the greedy universities and conferences. Player health? Season length? HAHAHA.

    When that happens, I have no clue…………..


    Yes I agree, it will happen. When? Hmmm…


    The plethora of bowl games is analogous to participation trophies for youth leagues, only at the college level. I guess it’s that generation that started getting them, so seems about right. Alas, the pussification of America continues…


    Contrair wolfbluff – it is more of the result of capitalism.

    As for the playoff expansion – I predict that is it will happen in about 5 years. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth due to the teams omitted if unc-ch beats Clemson. (This will result in a 1 loss team – either tOSU or unc-ch – being excluded.) And I think there’s a very good chance of that occurring.


    Meanwhile at PNC arena: our BB team is showing flashes of ineptitude between long stretches of incompetence.


    Just got home from the PNC.

    Simply put, this season’s State team can’t shoot.


    Alas, the pussification of America continues…

    Mods ????

    Is the politically correct ????

    If not, this explains a whole lot of stupid sh$t I deal with every day….
    Who is the Program Director and how do we get her/him fired?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I know it’s not a BB thread but my gosh we are stinking it up this year. Doesn’t matter if you like GOTT or not….some things don’t change.

    Horrid Defense
    Offense that has no screens (that work), picks, roles or basically anything other than a clear out.

    The young, rebuilding, learning the system blah blah doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m sure we will be playing good by the end of the year but this crap is old.

    Alpha Wolf

    I get the arguments that there are too many bowls. My counterargument is that from mid-December on, there’s going to be a college football game to watch. And that I can live with.

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